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Chelsea Graham

@_chelseagraham on Twitter

Chelsea founded The Publishing Post in June 2020. She is an MA Publishing graduate and Editorial Assistant, and is excited to see the magazine provide a well-needed voice and source of insight to those hoping to get into the publishing industry. 

Dominic Gilmour

@dominic_gilmour on Twitter

Dominic is the Managing Editor for The Publishing Post. Dominic is a freelance editor and author, chasing down a career in publishing after studying for an MA in the subject.

Lucy Lillystone

@lucylillystone_ on Twitter

English Language and Literature graduate and book publishing hopeful! You can always find me cosied up reading a good juicy book. You can find my blog at

sarah lundy

@sarahlundy13 on Twitter

Sarah Lundy currently works for the NHS as an administrative officer and is pursuing a career in publishing. She loves reading anything and everything as well as writing professionally and for pleasure.

philip ridgers

@pridgers87 on Twitter

Philip Ridgers is a musician in Bath, who also loves the written word. In July 2020, he passed the Publishing Training Centre's Essential Proofreading course with distinction, with a final score of 91.37%.

Megan Powell

@4theliterature on Twitter

I am currently an English student at University, which is developing my love of literature. My favourite place to be is in a bookshop, looking for my next great read. You can find my blog at:

sarah goosem

@sarahgoosem on Twitter

Sarah is an English Literature and History graduate from Australia.

carmel jordan

@carmeljordan_ on Twitter

I am a MA Publishing student, blogger and book fanatic hoping to enter the publishing industry. I have a love for all things marketing and a keen interest in children’s literature.

lorna dicken

@LornaRPenny on Twitter

Lorna is a writer, proofreader, library assistant, and lover of all forms of storytelling. She hopes to pursue a career in publishing, particularly in children/teen/YA fields.

Leyla mehmet

@leylasblog4 on Twitter

I’m a soon to be third-year English student who has absolutely loved studying a wide variety of literature at university, whilst writing, reading, and going to concerts in my free-time.

Olivia houston

@bookishgeekdesigns on Instagram

A third year BA (Hons) Writing and Publishing student interested in experience or work in cover design, typesetting and production in children and young adults publishing.

gabriella rose

@_gabriellarose on Twitter

After studying English Literature, I am about to start a Masters in Marketing & looking forward to working on this exciting new venture for publishing hopefuls!

molly burgess

@bookswithmolly on Twitter

I’m Molly, a recent Modern History graduate who you will usually find at a Taylor Swift concert or with my head in a book.

Shaniah shields

@booksandbaking_ on Instagram

 Shaniah is an English Literature graduate and current MA Publishing student. She can be found on bookstagram where she buys more books than she has time to read! She is a publishing hopeful and in her spare time can be found baking something delicious. 

hollie mcdevitt

@Onthebookshelf2 on Twitter

I’m Hollie, an English Literature graduate, freelance travel writer/copywriter, and lover of all things bookishYou can find me blogging about books at!

elizabeth oladoyin

@LaMisogynoir on Twitter

The socialist, intersectional-feminist, lexical wizard of the group and Slytherin with a heart of gold. Elizabeth is passionate about promoting inclusion and all things related with academic publishing.

kelly stone

@unapologeticya on Twitter

Kelly Stone is a recent graduate of Cornell University with a passion for books, art, and all things publishing. You can find her blog at

libby bushill


Libby Bushill is an English Literature graduate who has recently edited her first book. She is hoping to secure a role in Editorial.

genevieve bernard

@RR_CultureNews on Twitter

Genevieve is an Exeter university graduate and aspiring publicity agent currently living in Oxford. With experience working in PR & Marketing, she is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and has strong communication skills. She is also heading up our Instagram social media page.

charlotte maidment

@lottietheblog on Twitter

I’m an English Lit graduate and I’ve been blogging about books for five years. You can find my blog at:

Ella nicholls

@jerseyliterarypotatopeelpie on Instagram

Ella is a twenty-something year old English Lit graduate, excited (and a little scared) to navigate the real world and (hopefully) pursue a career in publishing.

Emma carey

@thepaperbackden on Instagram

All the way from New Zealand, is a bookworm now living in Berlin. Alongside writing book reviews on her blog. She is also excited to be writing her first fiction novel. 

bianca fiore

@biancamariola on Twitter

Bianca Fiore can be usually found in a library in Barcelona. She enjoys multilingual texts and, apart from cats, is especially interested in Indigenous literature of Australia, Italian books from the 20th century, and the Arab World.


@laurajbc_m on Twitter

Aspiring publisher and freelance writer. Book Blogger at Books, Coffee and Me. You can contact me at

bayley cornfield

@baywey on Twitter

Publishing MA Student and English Literature graduate. Lover of Literary and Fabulist fiction.

sophie keefe

@bopicicka on Twitter

Sophie Keefe has an MA in Literature & Culture and comes from a copyediting and proofreading background. She reviews books, films, and TV for Inconsistent Pacing (, specialising in classics, genre fiction, and women's fiction.

chloe francis

@Chloe_Francis20 on Twitter

I’m an English graduate who is going on to do an MA in Publishing Media at Oxford Brookes in September. I’m an aspiring editor, and I mostly write poetry and children’s fiction.

jacqueline brown

@jacqsportrait on Twitter

Jacqueline Brown is an Irish-American studying at the University of Pennsylvania.

giulia maggiori

Giulia is an Italian girl who graduated in English literature from John Cabot University. She’s going to start a Master’s Degree in Publishing Media at Oxford Brookes in September. You can find her on LinkedIn at

alex lovegrove

@alexxlovegrove on Twitter

Alex is a University of Southampton alumni who is passionate about amplifying underrepresented voices. She is working on our Bookshop Highlights page.

maya conway

Maya is a History graduate starting an MA in Publishing this autumn, hoping to kickstart a career in Editorial. You can find my LinkedIn at:

meg jones

@bookishling1 on Twitter

I’m Meg, a linguistics student hoping to pursue a career in publishing. I am never far from a book, and I blog over at

jia wen ho

@hojiawen on Twitter

Hi, I am Jia and I love stories! I think there should always be space for someone to tell their story.

ellie brady

@ellie_brady on Twitter

English Literature Graduate, living and writing in Glasgow.

fine mayer

@BathtubBiblio on Twitter

Fine is a passionate bookseller and publishing hopeful who loves all things literary, Scottish, and vegan.

emily powter-robinson

@emilyy_pr on Twitter

I am an MA English Literature graduate, book blogger and Bookstarammer hoping to work in publishing. I am so excited to be working on The Publishing Post with fellow publishing hopefuls!

robyn hewson

@RobynHewson on Twitter

I recently graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in English Literature and I’m now hoping to work in the publishing industry! This magazine combines my love of journalism with my passion for publishing and I’m super excited to be involved.

natalie beck

@NatBeck92 on Twitter

Open University English Language and Literature graduate. Lover of books and an aspiring writer.

kayley stanbridge

@Kayleyyy_xx on Twitter

Publishing graduate, mad about books, art and print.

anna Ilaria Crysel

@ilycrysel on Twitter

I’m a Language and Translation BA and Publishing MA graduate trying to make my lifelong dream of working in publishing a reality. You can find my blog at

chloe hunt

@itschloehunt on Twitter

Chloe Hunt, Proofreader - Books are my world! I’m an MA Publishing graduate aspiring to pursue a career in the publishing industry.

pippa newton

@PippaNewton on Twitter

Pippa is an English graduate and works in the editorial department of The Publishing Post. She is also an unpaid editor for Ta Voix Digital Publishing and works full time in an Italian restaurant and works from home in an administrative role for a local solicitor. 

charlotte bruce

@bruceys_books on Instagram

Charlotte has a Masters in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, and has always dreamed of working in publishing.

alessia De silva

@alessia_reads on Twitter

Alessia is a law graduate who hasn’t stopped reading since she carried books to bed instead of toys as a toddler! She has edited one novel and is pursuing this as a full-time career whilst writing creatively on the side.

rosie barr

@rosienotjen on Twitter

I’m a recent History with Italian graduate working in export sales in children’s publishing. As well as being passionate about kids’ lit, I also enjoy embroidery, writing, and a good pub quiz.

kate baguley

@whatkateread on Twitter

Kate is a soon-to-be English Literature graduate hoping to break into the publishing industry. She is usually be found taking pretty pictures for her bookstagram, blabbering about books on her blog, or binging a new Netflix show. Find her blog here:

misha manani

A Geography student at King’s College London with a Fantasy Writing Diploma. Misha is a contributing editor for Ta Voix, Her Campus and The Publishing Post. She loves reading crime, thriller and fantasy fiction. Misha is hoping to pursue a career in publishing and is currently writing the first novel in her series.

avneet bains

@avi.d_reader on Instagram

Avneet is a Liberal Arts and Sciences grad, who majored in History. She is an avid reader of many genres from fantasy to historical non-fiction and hopes to pursue a career in marketing, social media and writing within the publishing industry.

klara armstrong

@klaramay on Twitter

Klara is a soon-to-be graduate of MA Publishing at Kingston University, with a firm interest in marketing and editorial, who is searching for her first job in the publishing industry. 

verity stuart

@veritystuart13 on Twitter

Verity Stuart is a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Oxford. She is about to start an MA in Publishing Media at Oxford Brookes University and she looks forward to reading more women’s science fiction during lockdown.

Laheba Alam

LIAlamb123 on Twitter

I am an aspiring publisher currently based in Birmingham with experience in proofreading and copy-editing. As well as working on The Publishing Post, I also edit for Ta Voix, have completed an internship at Penguin Random House, review books on Instagram, run a food blog and do photography. I love learning new skills and networking, so feel free to contact me on LinkedIn for a chat!

emily simms

@Emi1y_Simms on Twitter

Recent Publishing Media Graduate, aspiring journalist and ukulele novice. Always seems to have more than one book on the go! (And here’s a picture of me loving life with some pumpkins)

ella mcfarlane

I am a recent Philosophy graduate hoping to enter into the publishing industry, with a particular interest in books centring on diverse narratives. In addition to contributing to The Publishing Post, I also produce my own blog, which includes reviews of books and book adaptations and my experiences of entering into the publishing industry.

Molly Anne Yarwood

@Molly_yarwood on Twitter

Molly is a bookseller and bookstagrammer who is hoping to work in publishing. Molly also hosts the Instagram account for The Post.

lauren pegler

@Laurenjpegler on Twitter

I have completed two degrees in English Literature, with my masters specialising in Victorian Lit. I’m a wannabe editor, occasional book blogger and avid bookstagrammer! 

Jane Josée Link

Jane is a Cuban-Luxembourgish English literature graduate from the University of Edinburgh. She is in love with Jane Austen, critical race analysis, and overpriced freshly-squeezed orange juice. When she finally puts her book down, she’s writing and daydreaming about acing a big city publishing job.

Simran Kular

@simkularr on Twitter

I'm a recent Economic History graduate looking to begin a career in publishing, specifically editorial. I love all things fiction, chocolate and wine.

Alicja Baranowska

@alicjawrites on Twitter

Alicja works as Publishing Assistant in audiobook publishing. She loves everything related to books and is currently working on her first novel. You can find her blog at

Hannah Beeson

@bookishhannah on Twitter

Hannah started her career as an intern at a small magazine and is now Editorial Assistant, working on magazine design and social media. In her spare time she works on SYP London events and runs her own book review blog!

Zoë Kyle

@Zoe_TheReader on Twitter

Born and raised in the Caribbean, she aspired to be a professional beach-bum, forever with a book in her hand and the sun in the sky. Since emigrating, Zoë, now an English Literature graduate, has grown up (a bit), edited her first book, and hoping to work in the publishing industry.

Isabelle Gray

@bookishchapter on Twitter

I'm a recent English Literature and American Studies graduate, soon to be MA Publishing student. I love both reading and writing, and have my own blog. I can't wait to pursue a career in publishing.

@isabel_books on Twitter

Currently studying an MA in Publishing and have a BA in English and American Literature. I'm still unsure as to which area of Publishing I'd like to be in but my goals are to champion diversity and representation wherever I end up.

isabel hassan

Ellen Tyldesley

@ellen_tyldesley on Twitter

I am an English Language and Literature graduate from North West England. I have a passion for sharing stories in all their forms and putting those stories into the hands of as many people as possible. I also run an Instagram account dedicated to sharing the books I love most.

Natalie Jayne Clark

@nataliejayclark on Twitter

 Natalie Jayne Clark is a publishing student and part-time English teacher who has experience in editing, design and social media. She is a committee member of SYP Scotland and runs their new monthly book club. 

Charlotte Lear 

@charlilear on Twitter

I am currently a student of English Literature at the University of York and I am loving reading literally everything under the sun right now! Outside of my degree I am the Vice President of the Literature Society as well as an editor of the Food and Drink section of our student newspaper. 

Charlie thorpe 

@thepyjamapoet on Twitter

Charlie is a digital marketing professional and publishing hopeful. She tweets sporadically about disability, access and publishing @thepyjamapoet but can more often be found sharing her literary love on bookstagram @scribblinginthemargins.

Annabella Costantino

@annabellacc_ on Twitter

MA Publishing Media and BA English Literature with Creative Writing graduate, writing poetry and short stories. I am an aspiring freelance editor with a passion for children's publishing. Currently writing for The Publishing Post whilst pursuing work experience in editorial, marketing and design roles. You can find my LinkedIn here

Laura Riordan

@lauraeeriordan on Twitter

Laura is an MSc Publishing student, a freelance editor, a YA writer and a book blogger, who is eagerly looking for her first professional role in the publishing industry. You can find her blog at

Melissa nock

@NockMelissa on Twitter

Melissa has recently graduated from university with a First-class degree in English Literature. After completing various publishing-related internships, she is looking for her first permanent role within the publishing world. She is very excited to be working on The Publishing Post with other #publishinghopefuls! In her spare time she can be found taking pretty pictures to go on her bookstagram account.

juliette tulloch

@thestudentbookshelf on Instagram

I am a third year English Literature student and a publishing hopeful once I graduate! I run my own bookstagram account reviewing new releases and helping prospective students. I also sell my own artwork in my free time. 

emma pritchard

@EmmaRAPritchard on Twitter

Emma is an MA Publishing Media student and an English and French graduate of University of Oxford. She loves literature, languages and learning new things!

alex haywood

@_alexhaywood on Twitter

Although currently working in NHS communications, Alex is a marketing and publicity enthusiast who is always looking for books that challenge her expectations.

Laura Taylor

@writerlaurarose on Twitter

Laura has recently graduated from her MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. She loves fantasy, children’s literature and historical fiction. Laura is writing her debut novel and looking to break into the publishing industry.

beth gater 

@Beth_Gater on Twitter

Beth is a recent English Literature graduate with a keen interest in Marketing and Branding

lizz burell

@Lizzburrell on Twitter

Elizabeth (Lizz) is a 25 year old south Londoner who has just finished an MA in publishing. She has a wide taste in books and is excited to enter the industry. During lockdown she has mastered the art of the 2 hour nap and read an unnecessary amount of detective novels.

jennifer hill

Office Administrator for Cineworld Nottingham. Graduated in Literary, Film and Theatre Studies.  Former Communication Officer for SYP North. Previously volunteered for some magazines/ websites.  Currently looking for a position in Editorial/Marketing/Publicity.


holly mahoney

@hol_mahoney on Twitter

I am an English Literature and American Studies graduate, due to start an MA in publishing. I am happiest with my head buried in a James Baldwin novel, drinking a dirty chai latte and listening to Jazz.

lucy downer

@LucyDowner on Twitter

I’m a recently graduated English Literature student with a background in student journalism. As an aspiring publisher I read very widely, but have a particular passion for Victorian and utopian fiction.

lexie mladenovic

Lexie has a Masters degree in Modern Literature and is currently a contributing Editor at Ta Voix magazine. A sucker for savoury snacks and all things literature, she hopes to secure a role in Children’s publishing. You can find out more on her LinkedIn profile here!

Rowan groat

@groatrowan on Twitter

History & Philosophy graduate based in Glasgow, currently working in Archives and Special Collections. Pursuing a career in publishing and gaining experience through The Publishing Post, Ta Voix, Ringwood Publishing and thi wurd

asya gadzheva

@asyagadzheva on Twitter

Admirer of beautiful books, employing InDesign for recreation. Seeking to

gain experience in cookbook, magazine and general non-fiction design. A

Journalism and Publishing graduate hoping to pursue a career in book

production and design.

cíara rosney

@_ciararosney on Twitter

Cíara Rosney is an English Literature and Creative Writing student who hopes to break into the world of publishing following work experience gained through experts in the industry, including Penguin Random House. She currently works in communications for a large UK based charity.