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Magazine Structure 

The Publishing Post is made up of writers, editors, proofreaders, admin officers and social media managers. 

We are always accepting new team members across the magazine, but the specific vacancies that are available will change, a full list will be provided upon enquiry. All team positions are assigned on an ongoing basis (and not on set week-long durations), meaning that anyone looking to join the team will need to be committed long-term to their role to align with this. 

Roles are unfortunately unpaid. Part of our mission is to open the industry to those who previously may have found it inaccessible due to financial, or discriminatory reasons. In a bid to alleviate this slightly, the magazine is completely free to everyone who wishes to learn about the industry. We will never ask for any proof of experience, or a CV when recruiting, we only require committment, a desire to learn and for contributors to be passionate about everything they work on. 

The different roles are explained below for reference:

Writing Teams

This is where the process begins for the content of the magazine. Our writing teams research, write and edit their content in line with the goals of the magazine and within the set style guide.


Roles within writing teams require no more than around 2–3 hours a week, on an entirely remote basis. Teams work around their own schedules, and as such there are no set working hours, meaning the role can be fit around other working commitments. Across the magazine we have writing teams who work on everything from audiobook publishing to interviews with professionals, anticipated reads to marketing campaigns, translated fiction to publishing news and events.

How this can be beneficial: Publishers are always looking for proof that applicants are engaged in the publishing world and that they can write effective copy, these roles are a great way to show these skills. 

Editorial and Proofreading Teams

The Editorial team receive articles once they have been submitted by writing teams. They will ensure that the articles read well and adhere to the magazine's style guide, prepping them for the design team. The Proofreading team, on the other hand, see articles once they have been designed by typesetters and make note of any errors introduced during the design process. 

These two teams work on alternating weekends, meaning any member of either team is only working across one out of two weekends. These members of the team will again only be required to work between 2–3 hours each issue, picking up as many articles as they have capacity for each week. 

Again here, no previous experience is required, but a keen eye for detail and a willingness to learn and engage with the style guide and the writing are a must. 

How this can be beneficial: These positions are wonderful for anyone who is interested in the editorial side of publishing world, or who is keen to show potential employers that they have a keen eye for detail.



If you are interested in hearing about the specific roles we have on offer please do send us an email that details why The Publishing Post *specifically* is for you at (emails that do not list this, or simply detail previous experience may not be responded to due to volume of enquiries and the competitive nature of positions). We look forward to hearing from you!


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