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A fire has been ignited in HarperCollins

By Iqbal Hussain


A fire has been ignited in HarperCollins Children’s division as a new imprint begins burning its path through the industry. Led by the Publishing Director Natalie Doherty, this new Young Adult imprint, Harper Fire, is already garnering the attention of those in the industry. 


With all HarperCollins Children’s Books editors commissioning into the list, it is not surprising that everyone is intrigued to see what Editorial Director Tom Bonnick and Commissioning Editor Megan Reid, will do with their first book outing. It comes in the form of Compass and Blade by Rachel Greenlaw, which will be published later this year on 27 February.


Excited readers are talking about purchasing this little part of history on its release date, as all eyes are excited to open the first chapters. 


The imprint, a new arm from HarperCollins Children’s books, will build out a list focussing on the young adult genre. As previously it has released Young Adult novels with its children, and middle-grade books. 


HarperCollins Children’s Books is looking to build on its already acclaimed young adult wordsmiths including John Green, Alice Oseman, David Levithan and Veronica Ross. With a whole new roster of major acquisitions to be published under Harper Fire, including S F Williamson’s A Language of Dragons, Salomey Doku’s Brielle & Bear and Lauren Wilson’s The Goldens.


To add the new focus and vision of the imprint they are looking to invest significantly in social media to leave a lasting presence at the Young Adult Literature Convention in 2024.


Recent years have shown the lengths that HarperCollins has made to ensure that it has been a leader among the big five, to adapt to the changing tastes of this new breed of readers. From the creation of the young adult imprint Magpie to the Locked Library book subscription. We cannot wait to feel the heat left by Harper Fire as it spreads its warmth among readers in 2024.



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