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Amazon Fights to Stop the Invasion of AI

By Iqbal Hussain

Chat GPT, Bing AI, Chat Sonic and Claude are just a few names which meant nothing before the now-dubbed “AI uprising." This is not a surprise given that AI has become one of the most searched subjects in recent years. Who hasn’t played around to get a recipe for last-minute dessert or generate a well-crafted email to hand in a notice of employment?

However, with this, other uses have been called into question. What started as a fun way generate fan fiction for superfans has led to concern about the tools being used to take advantage of specific jobs and industries, one of these being the publishing industry.

Writers have a hard enough time thinking of a unique idea, putting hours of work into writing a book, then spending three times that editing it, and finally submitting it to a very competitive market where few are lucky enough to get their book signed in a deal.

Now, anyone can request the tool generate a page of words which have been chosen according to popular trends and pull together a close duplication of new works. If there were no tools to check for this usage, someone could be fooled into thinking it is the real thing.

As a result of this, Amazon is stamping down on so-called "writing geniuses" who can write more than three novels and release them in a single day. The company has mentioned in the past that there was a maximum release number per day, but has never specified this number. Limiting it to three is a big move to reduce the saturation and repetition in its portfolio of books.

Amazon has also stated that this number may be amended, showing that they want to act now before it is too late. Many are voicing that this is a temporary slow-down technique, as the people abusing the system will think of a workaround. Recently, Amazon has found that false books under real authors' names have entered their site, as well as travel guides and potentially dangerous books on mushrooms.


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