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Anticipated Halloween Reads

By Sarah Ernestine, Rebecca Ramlakhan and Genevieve Bernard

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

28 September, Headline Eternal

Erin Sterling, who also writes under Rachel Hawkins, has crafted the perfect romantic comedy for the Halloween season. The Ex Hex tells the story of Vivienne Jones, a witch who deals with her recent breakup by drinking vodka and casting a spell on her ex, Rhys. After nine long years, Vivienne thinks the story has ended. However, when Rhys returns to town, all magic in the town begins to change. This Halloween, will Vivienne choose to put her personal feelings aside in time to undo her spell, saving the town and Rhys’ life? This spellbinding romcom tells a story of magic and the power of second chances.

The Lighthouse Witches by C. J. Cooke

1 October, HarperCollins

The Lighthouse Witches by C. J. Cooke is the latest gothic thriller from HarperCollins. It all starts with the lighthouse whose forgotten structure towers on the cliffs of Lòn Haven, a remote island on the coast of Scotland. Tragic events and mysterious circumstances continue to occur on Lòn Haven, starting with a witch hunt. Within months of Liv Stay moving to the island with her three daughters, only one remains: Luna. After twenty years, Luna returns to the island in search of answers. What truths lie hidden in the lighthouse’s shadow?

Cackle by Rachel Harrison

5 October, Berkley Books

Compelling, thrilling and suspenseful. Rachel Harrison takes us on a journey through the perspective of safe and simple Annie in her suspenseful new novel Cackle. After being abruptly dumped by her long-term boyfriend, Annie desires a new beginning, and becomes a teacher in Manhattan. Mesmerised and awe struck by the beauty and friendliness of the small town, Annie comes across the stunning, effervescent and charming Sophie.

Very quickly, Annie and Sophie become close friends, and, as Sophie gets closer to Annie, she empowers Annie to live life for herself, just like she does. Inevitably stunned and captivated by Sophie, Annie cannot help but gravitate towards her, despite the rest of the town’s blatant fear and distaste towards Sophie. This gripping fantasy novel will take you to a different realm riddled with magic, witchcraft and spells. If you are a fan of the fantasy genre and want a spooky novel to get ready for Halloween, Cackle is exactly what you are looking for.

Payback’s A Witch by Lana Harper

5 October, Penguin Putnam

Payback’s A Witch is the perfect new read for fans of Charmed and The L Word. Emmy Harlow has avoided her hometown for years, both running away from family conflicts and searching for her place in the world. However, an approaching spellcasting tournament leads Emmy home once more. Although she is reunited with friends and family, she counts the days until she can return to the life she has built for herself in Chicago. However, she wasn’t planning on running into Talia Avramov, a dark magician determined to seek revenge on an ex who cheated on her. Talia was not a part of Emmy’s plans. Will Emmy be able to keep herself from falling under Talia’s charismatic charm?

Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger

14 October, Harper Collins

This unforgettable thriller will keep you hooked until the very last page. Filled with compelling twists and psychological suspense, it’ll be difficult to put down.

Wren Greenwood seems to have it all. The only thing that eludes her is love. So, when her best friend signs her up for a dating app, she starts swiping to find her perfect man, but little does she know her whole life is about to implode. Adam seems like the ideal man for Wren, and, when they meet, she feels an instant connection, or so she thinks. Suddenly, Adam disappears leaving no trail and a very cryptic message. Wren has been ghosted.

Taking matters into her own hands, she begins the hunt for Adam. But she soon realises he isn’t who he claimed to be, and she isn’t the only one who has fallen into his trap – is she the hunter or the prey? Chasing the digital trail into his dark past, she uncovers secrets – girls who went missing, dangerous obsessions and a vengeance set to shatter her world. Wren will do everything it takes to make sure she’s the last girl he ever ghosts, but at what cost?

That Dark Infinity by Kate Pentecost

19 October, Little Brown

This Autumn, Kate Pentecost shares an epic story of monster hunters and grand adventures. Under the cover of darkness, Ankou is a relentless immortal mercenary. In the light of day, a dark curse transforms him into nothing more than bones. Ankou seeks a final rest, an escape from the treacherous cycle of life and death. Flora, a handmaiden fleeing the massacre of the Kaer-Ise kingdom, makes a deal with Ankou to join him on his quest to die, once and for all. Together, this unlikely pair teams up in a whirlwind tale of adventure, grief, love and loss.



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