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Entries Open for The Printing Charity’s Rising Star Awards

The Printing Charity defines “printers” as those who work within print, paper, packaging, publishing, graphics, or allied trades. As an organisation, their 2020 impact report stated that, among other objectives, they aim to support the “education of printers and those wishing to be printers.” In the year 2020 they supported over 450 people and offered over 900 grants to those within the industry. 57% of their Print Futures Awards in 2020 were awarded to those in the publishing industry.

Their Rising Star Awards aim to support those in the printing industry by financially enabling them to develop their professional prospects using training, mentorship, or courses. The charity explains that “Up to £1500 of funding can be used to boost soft and professional skills from presentation, leadership, and resilience training to professional accreditation, mentoring or equipment.”

If you’re aged between 18 and 30, work within the printing industry and wish to develop your career, why not apply?

If you think you could benefit from a Rising Star award, the charity advises that you take a number of steps before submitting an application. First, you should research the courses or development programmes that you are interested in, and be sure about how they would help you professionally. You should also consult your manager on whether there are any skills they can identify that you would benefit from improving. The charity emphasises that any courses or training should be for your own personal development, not something that will mostly benefit the organisation you work for.

Previous winners have included industry leaders such as Marianne Tatepo who in addition to having extensive editorial experience at PRH and HarperCollins, founded publishing community Black Agents & Editors’ Group (BAE), which curated the first guest-edited issue of The Bookseller; Holly Domney who has recently launched Domney Books, a new business supporting authors with editorial and publishing support prior to being published.

Applications will close on 3 May 2022, virtual interviews with those shortlisted will be held in late May, and winners will receive their awards at a London event in July. If you have any further questions, do get in touch with the charity at or visit their website here.



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