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Latest Acquisitions & Adaptations

By Georgie Cutler, Eva Lee, Niamh Parr and Emily Retford

Acquisition News

Bloomsbury Buys Treger’s Newest Historical Novel 

Bloomsbury has acquired a new historical fiction by Louisa Treger, The Paris Muse. Treger’s fourth novel tells the story of artist Dora Maar and her relationship with Pablo Picasso. Maar was a successful photographer and painter throughout the 20th century. After meeting Picasso in the mid-thirties, she became the inspiration behind some of his most notable portraits, including Weeping Woman (1937), pulling him out of a creative rut. She also documented the creation of his famed political piece, Guernica (1937). Though Maar’s life and work have often been overshadowed by her affair with Picasso, Treger’s novel promises to bring her into the light. Beginning with the pair’s meeting in 1936, Treger’s story follows the highs and lows of the couple’s affair through tempestuous personal and global circumstances, including the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War, all the way to their separation and Maar’s eventual hospitalisation after a nervous breakdown. Alexandra Pringle at Bloomsbury bought World All Languages Rights directly from the author. The Paris Muse is set to be published on 4 July 2024.

Bloomsbury Children’s Lands Paralympian Jonnie Peacock’s New Book

Bloomsbury Children’s Books have recently acquired the rights to You Can Do Anything! by Paralympic champion Jonnie Peacock. Written in collaboration with Laura Earnshaw, the founder and director of myHappymind, a programme aimed at developing children’s positive mental well-being, You Can Do Anything! takes children and young people on a journey of confidence, self-esteem and learning that they can achieve anything, regardless of their abilities. The book is meant to help inspire young readers to discover what they love, whether it be art, sports, numbers, or even being with friends, and help maximise this to their greatest potential. Emily Ball, the Senior Commissioning Editor of children’s non-fiction, alongside Lara Hancock, Head of Illustrated Publishing, acquired World Rights to a three–book deal from Lydia Silver from Darley Anderson. When discussing his new book, Peacock said, “I want to live in a world where we are all the happiest we can be, where we can accept our individuality and love what we love and what we do,” and believes that You Can Do Anything! will help children achieve just that (The Bookseller). You Can Do Anything! is set to be published on 18 July 2024, just in time for the Paralympics in August, with another two picture books to follow, respectively, in 2026 and 2027.

From Book to Screen

Ripley brings a much-loved book to Netflix

Ripley sees Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr Ripley adapted as a series for Netflix. The novel, originally published in 1955, follows Tom Ripley, a young American entrusted with convincing a man’s son to return home from Italy. However, during this psychological thriller, Ripley struggles with obsession, imitation and his identity as he falls deeper into a trap of his own making. This adaptation sees Andrew Scott take on the role of Tom Ripley, with the likes of  Johnny Flynn, Dakota Fanning, and Maurizio Lombardi joining him. Steve Zaillian, the series writer, director, and executive producer, moved the action forward a decade to sixties Italy. You can watch the eight-episode limited series from 4 April 2024.

In the Works

Agatha Christie's Towards Zero adaptation on BBC

The BBC and BritBox have secured the rights to produce a new detective series based on the adaptation of Agatha Christie's classic novel Towards Zero. Published in 1944, the novel focuses on a murder at a clifftop seaside house, followed by a series of events involving a suicide attempt, wrongful theft and the entanglement of a renowned tennis player’s romantic life. Could there be a possible connection between all the events involving a bigger plot? With multiple adaptations in the past, including ITV’s Miss Marple and a French film titled L’Heure Zéro, Towards Zero is set to light the screens again with a newer rendition. So far, no official release date or casting has been announced, but we can expect more information to come soon. 



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