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Shuffling of the Shelves: March Part Two

By Anais Aguilera, Amber Alexander, Katie Norris and Sophie Poirier

As March is symbolic of new beginnings, transform your morning routine with one of these amazing books. Happy reading!


With the new release of Dune: Part Two in cinemas, Frank Herbet’s first novel in the series has seen a resurgence of popularity. Dune is a science fiction novel that follows the story of Paul, born and bred to be the ultimate ruler of fictional Arrakis, home to Spice which controls the universe. Mesmerizing world-building and captivating characters have led to the longevity of this series. If you’re one to enjoy witnessing how novels are translated onto screens, Dune might be the series for you.

In the wake of World Book Day, which took place earlier this month, the success of Greg the Sausage Roll by Mark and Roxanne Hoyle has been astounding, staying at the top of book sales charts since its release. This is an Easter book, aimed at children two-to-five years old, which follows Greg on his adventure to find the Easter Bunny to ensure all the eggs are delivered on time. It is a fun, vibrant and hilarious read for children and one that could spark a love of books to last a lifetime. 


Andrea Mara’s No One Saw A Thing has soared to the number one spot in the WHSmith Top 100 a year after its publication thanks to its selection as a Richard and Judy Book Club pick for spring 2024. When Sive becomes separated from her two young daughters on the busy London Underground, she rushes to the next station to find them, but only one is waiting for her on the platform. As every parent’s worst fear comes to life, Sive finds herself on a nail-biting journey through London as she is led – and misled – to her daughter’s potential kidnapper. Told in a dual timeline with a rich cast of characters, this will be another hit for fans of Mara’s previous thrillers.

Looking for something a little more light-hearted? Another cosy historical novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author Dilly Court has broken into the WHSmith Top 100. After Flora was rescued from a life on the streets by the wealthy Stewart family, she thought she had the perfect life. But then the unthinkable happens and Flora finds herself all alone once again, on the streets of London and quickly losing hope. Will she ever find her true home? Filled with themes of coming-of-age and finding yourself, The Lucky Penny will appeal to fans of historical fiction and family sagas.


Bestselling author Richard Osman is back with the first novel in his new detective series. We Solve Murders introduces readers to a father-daughter duo tasked with investigating a shocking murder. Former copper Steve Wheeler is enjoying the leisure of retired life when his daughter-in-law Amy, who works as a private security officer, calls on him for help. With a killer getting dangerously close to Amy, Steve must rejoin the fast-paced world he left behind. Together, they race against time to catch a killer. 

The family-centred stories continue in This Family by Kate Sawyer. The novel takes place over a single summer’s day. A family gathers together after years of separation for the main character Mary’s wedding. As the day progresses, readers are let in on old and new relationships. Many of the bonds between characters have shifted over the years, yet they’ve managed to come back together again. Told through past memories and present conversations, this is a story of grief, change and connection.

Social Media

Elizabeth May’s To Cage a God is pitched to fans of Shadow and Bone, so it’s no surprise that it’s become an instant BookTok hit after its February release. With powers stronger than anybody who came before them, sisters Galina and Sera were born to overthrow the destructive reign of their kingdom’s royal family. But when the time for rebellion comes, it’s not what the sisters thought it would be. This is a must-read for fans of fantasy with queer representation and themes of found family.

Although it was published over a year ago, The Cloisters by Katy Hays is enjoying its moment in the social media spotlight. When Ann Stilwell lands a job in a gothic museum of Renaissance art amongst a crowd of quirky and mysterious researchers, she’s thrilled to be spending her days surrounded by the art she loves so dearly. But when a deck of 15th century tarot cards proves to be more than just an artefact, Ann realizes there’s far more to the museum than meets the eye.

Noteworthy Author

Noteworthy author this month goes to Maya Binyam, author of debut novel Hangman. Recently longlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2024, Binyam is certainly one to watch. A man returns home after living in America for twenty-six years, having been exiled from his homeland in sub-Saharan Africa. Hangman tells the tragic story of loss, homecoming and the search for refuge in a place you thought you’d always feel welcome.


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