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Spotlight on: Boldwood Books

By Priyanka Joshi, Mollie Gregory-Clark and Zoe Maple

Founded in 2019 and winner of Independent Publisher of the Year at the 2022 Independent Publisher Awards, Boldwood Books is a global fiction house, praised for publishing the best that commercial fiction has to offer, covering crime and mystery, historical fiction, women’s fiction, romance and saga.

Based in London, the publisher aims to be innovative and fearless, priding itself on maintaining true partnerships with its authors, both new and established. Despite launching only four years ago, Boldwood Books has already published over 400 titles, signed over 100 authors and sold over twelve million books worldwide, showing astounding growth due to its modern publishing style and the highly successful and professional team behind it.

Upcoming Release

The Girl From Venice by Siobhan Daiko

Releasing on 12 June 2023, The Girl From Venice is an epic novel with a compelling historical storyline. Based on the true events of World War II, award-winning author Siobhan Daiko has brilliantly portrayed the story of two different generations by blending the past and the present seamlessly with the stories of Charlotte and Lidia. Affected by the wartime horrors, this book is an eye-opening read about their struggle to fight for their freedom while overcoming the atrocities committed by the fascist invaders. Siobhan's phenomenal characters sweep us into an emotional and enthralling adventure full of love, betrayal, and self-discovery.

Recent Releases

Always On My Mind by Beth Moran

Always On My Mind depicts the journey of Jessie, who unexpectedly finds herself homeless, jobless and alone when her boyfriend abandons her to find himself. Forced to move into her twin’s house in her hometown, she comes face-to-face with Elliot, the ghost of her teenage love. Convinced to help the boys move forward in their life, she finds a way to accept the past and move forward with them. Filled with forgiveness, personal growth and irresistible romances, Beth Morgan has painted a heart-warming picture dealing with issues of guilt and disability and balancing these with a good dose of humour. Her idiosyncratic but endearing characters, combined with her masterful narrative, make this a cosy and uplifting weekend read.

The Last Wife by J. A. Baker

Set on a small remote island, The Last Wife is a story intricately woven around the mysterious inhabitants of the island and the not-so-secret past of Fiona and Neil. Hoping to escape their past and start anew, the couple moves to Winters End and finds an isolated community with no women in sight. Following the couple as they discover the true cause of this, we see the shocking turn of events that proves Fiona’s intuition accurate. Utilising the different points of view, Baker has successfully written a gripping thriller by creating a sinister and spine-chilling atmosphere that slowly unravels the web of secrets to reveal the culprit, ultimately leaving us reeling.

Notable Releases

Murder in Tuscany by T. A. Williams

This is the first book of a brand-new cosy crime series, set in the beautiful hills of Tuscany. The unassuming and newly retired detective Dan Armstrong decides to attend a creative writing retreat, led by the renowned crime writer Jonah Moore, with the hopes that this break will help him think about the next chapter in his own life’s story. But when Jonah Moore is found stabbed to death with his own award-winning silver dagger, it becomes clear that Dan’s detective days are not over yet. The killer can only be one of his fellow retreat guests, and as Dan questions them one by one, it seems that each of them has something to hide. An addictive and compelling mystery, perfect for fans of Lee Strauss and Beth Byers.

Who Do You Think You Are, Maggie Pink? by Janet Hoggarth

Equal parts heart-wrenching and hilarious, Janet Hoggarth weaves a beautiful story about a mother’s love and finding one’s own identity. In the light of her adopted mother’s death, her crumbling marriage, and a difficult relationship with her teenage daughter, Roxie, Maggie Pink decides to finally reach out to her birth mother, Morag, heading to the Scottish Highlands to reconnect, and perhaps to learn something about herself. But when Maggie unearths Morag’s teenage diaries, a whole new set of questions are raised: What really made Morag give Maggie up all those years ago, and how have the echoes of the past resounded through the generations, still affecting Maggie and her daughter to this day?

The Night We First Met by Clare Swatman

A gorgeous tale of enduring love, spanning two decades. Marianne and Ted are both having a difficult night; Marianne is reeling from the revelation that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, and Ted is struggling to make the most important decision of his life. When a chance encounter brings them together that night, Ted suspects there might be a spark between them, but he never gets the chance to get Marianne’s number. Over the next twenty years, we follow the two of them as they navigate life’s twists and turns, all the while wondering what might have been, and whether fate will ever bring them together once more.


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