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Summer Spotlight

By Meg Jones, Alfie Kimmins, Georgia Wells and Sarah Ernestine

Lore Olympus: Volume Two by Rachel Smythe

5 July 2022, Del Rey

After ruling the WebToons platform for years, Rachel Smyth’s renowned Lore Olympus story is back in bold, full-colour print this Summer with the release of Volume Two. Lore Olympus has millions of readers worldwide and has established an adoring readership for both the webcomic and the covetable print editions.

When Persephone moved to Olympus, she was hoping for a fresh start. Instead, she discovered the dark secrets hidden in the beautiful city. With harmful rumours, safety violations and self-doubt, Persephone begins to question her place in Olympus. Meanwhile, Hades continues to rule over the underworld, but his thoughts often stray to the goddess of Spring. The complex web of relationships in Olympus only grows thicker in this volume, as the truth of the past comes to light and the future is called into question.

Sadé and Her Shadow Beasts by Rachel Faturoti

7 July 2022, Hachette Children’s Group

Debut author Rachel Faturoti bursts onto the Middle Grade literary scene this Summer with her debut novel, Sadé and Her Shadow Beasts. This novel tells the story of twelve-year-old Sadé, who has been using her imaginary world to escape since her mother passed away. In her world, she travels magic, beautiful lands aback her purple-winged bird, Nix. But not all of the creatures in her world are her companions. Sadé soon learns there are shadow beasts invading her imaginary land and it isn’t long before they start escaping into the real world.

Through the support of a grief counselling group, Sadé begins to learn how to process her anxiety. When she steps up to perform spoken word at a school talent show and the shadow beasts begin to swarm in the auditorium, Sadé must find the courage to use her voice. Sadé and Her Shadow Beasts is a beautiful, honest story that speaks directly to young children dealing with grief. It is both encouraging and empowering, while being entertaining.

The Society for Soulless Girls by Laura Steven

7 July 2022, HarperCollins

The winner of the Comedy Women in Print Prize presents a dark and humorous young adult thriller with a supernatural twist. Four students were killed in the infamous North Tower murders at the elite Carvell College of Arts ten years ago, forcing the college to close its doors. Carvell is reopening, and fearless student Lottie is determined to learn the truth. The North Tower claims another victim when her roommate, Alice, discovers a sinister soul-splitting ritual hidden in Carvell's haunted library. Will Lottie be able to discover the truth before the North Tower strikes again? Will Alice be able to undo the ritual before her monstrous alter ego consumes her? And can they stop flirting for fifteen seconds to accomplish this?

Wake the Bones by Elizabeth Kilcoyne

12 July, St. Martin’s Press

In this lyrical Young Adult horror, Laurel Early has always been suspicious of the rumours her family are witches...until the farm starts moving beneath her feet and bones start walking. Laurel is yet to tell anyone she’s dropped out of college; she’s happy as a tobacco hand and a taxidermist. There’s a boy she loves, but he’s not the one that comes to court her. Instead, it’s the devil that follows her to the Early Farm, wanting her as he did her mother.

As bones begin to wake, Laurel is plagued by her mother’s legacy – and her ghost – as she struggles to find the magic within her that could save her future. Wake the Bones is a gripping, atmospheric debut where home is place on unsteady ground. A full list of content warnings can be found on Elizabeth Kilcoyne’s website.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

14 July 2022, Chatto & Windus

This is a story not of romance, but of love. 1987, two children meet in the gaming room of a hospital. One recovering from a car accident, the other visiting their sister. Over the months they share their passion for gaming, using a virtual world to distract them from reality. Before they know it, their time shared at the hospital comes to an end.

Eight years later they meet again, in a crowded train station. They reconnect, now adults, to work on creating a virtual world to help others experience the immersive delight of gaming. Sadie and Sam’s story is one of failure, success and the complex nature of love.



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