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Upcoming Publishing Events: 27 September to 10 October

By Maria Sadek and Fernanda de Madariaga

Cliveden Literary Festival

30 September to 1 October, Various Times

Don’t miss your chance to attend the prestigious Cliveden Literary Festival this year, hosted at a beautiful Renaissance-period country estate in Berkshire. The festival is entering its sixth year and is known for the high-profile writers, historians and politics mavens it attracts as speakers, with 2023 being no exception. Read on to find out more about who will be attending this exciting event:

From White Teeth to killing Charles Dickens: Zadie Smith on her dazzling career

30 September, 10am

Join Zadie Smith as she discusses the journey, she has been on with her career and how it led her to her first foray into historical fiction. Smith’s new novel The Fraud has been all over social media, and for good reason. The novel portrays real historical events and illuminates the horrors of slavery and Victorian England. This talk is kicking off the Literary Festival and is one that cannot be missed.

The Fables of Maggie O’Farrell

30 September, 2pm

If you are a fan of Hamnet or The Marriage Portrait, do not miss the opportunity to see acclaimed author, Maggie O’Farrell, discuss her career and novels with Martha Kearney. O’Farrell will delve into other parts of her work beyond these two novels, such as her no.1 bestselling memoir I am, I am, I am or her children’s book Where Snow Angels Go, meaning this is an event for anyone who is a fan of her writing.

A Year in Fiction: the power and practice of the modern novel

1 October, 10am

One of the most exciting parts of any book festival are the panels as they allow for eye-opening collaboration and discussion. Cliveden is no exception and this analysis into the modern novel cannot be missed. The panel will be made up of Tom Crewe (editor of the London Review of Books), Marlon James (winner of Dayton Literary Peace Prize), Fatima Farheen Mirza (recipient of Michener-Copernicus Fellowship) and Hannah Rothschild (awarded CBE for services to literature and charity) and will be chaired by Merve Emre (winner of the Robert B. Silvers Prize for Literary Criticism).

The Carolean question: predicting King Charles’ reign and the future of the monarchy

1 October, 3:30pm

The last event we are spotlighting from the Cliveden Literary Festival is the panel on predicting the future of the monarchy, an analysis into the history of royalty and its place in modern Britain. The event will be chaired by Robert Hardman (leading author and commentator on the Royal Family for more than 30 years) and he will be joined by panellists Jane Ridley (author of three royal biographies), Camilla Long (columnist for The Sunday Times) and William Shawcross (British Commissioner for Public Appointments).

To find out more information about the festival or to book tickets to any of these events, click here.

Publisher Events

Besides festivals, there are other ways in which you can have a great literary end to September and beginning of October.

Meet Bonnie Tyler: Straight From Her Heart

28 September, 6:30pm

If there is an event one must attend no matter what, it is the event in which an artist such as Bonnie Tyler will tell you her life story in a lecture hall. Not only the singer to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and other still-resonating songs, but now, Tyler is also the author to her memoir: Straight from the Heart. The book narrates her emergence as one of the most iconic female artists of the late century, up until today. In this event, you will have the honour to meet the artist behind the work and hear her story in-person.

An Evening with James Holland

4 October, 6:30-8:30pm

If you have a sparking passion or even a slight curiosity for history, James Holland should be on your list of interest. Both an author and historian, Holland has recently published The Savage Storm, which submerges you back into World War II through the invasion of Italy by the Allies. This nerve-wracking novel will be discussed by him throughout the evening, along with enquiries from the public and book signings.

Meet Harriet Muncaster

21 October, 10:30am

Bring your younger closest ones to an event they will never forget! This autumn morning, best-selling author Harriet Muncaster will be joining us to discuss and commemorate her latest release to her Victoria Stitch trilogy. The event offers a beautiful and memorable way to introduce the wonders of the literary world to those who have still some growing up to do.

To find out more about these publishing events or buy their respective tickets, click here.



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