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Upcoming Publishing Events (8-22 May)

By Fernanda de Madariaga

In May 2024, we have some new and incredibly thrilling events coming along right before summer! This month, we will dive into all genres, including: societal commentary filled with exciting reveals; gothic mysteries set back in time that will make your imagination wander; crime horrors and psychological thrillers that will keep you up at night; and to finish off, a section dedicated to the younger ones, for it is never too early to jump into the literary world.

An Evening with Danny Wallace

Wednesday 8 May, 7:00 p.m., Waterstones Brighton

Sunday Times and Amazon number one bestselling author, Danny Wallace, will be joining Waterstones in Brighton to launch his new book, Somebody Told Me. This thrilling novel brings you along to discover the obnoxious amount of misinformation we are surrounded by in our everyday lives. The conspiracy theories, the lies and the fake news that take up a huge part of what we endlessly consume from our closest sources, from people to devices, and can shape the truth and our perception of reality. Along this journey, Danny encounters families torn apart by false accusations and questions throughout whether we are even able to know the “truth” in today’s world. The book and ticket option will include a copy of Somebody Told Me. For more information and tickets for the event, click here.

In Conversation with Susan Stokes-Chapman

Thursday 9 May, 7:00 p.m., Waterstones Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth alumnus Susan Stokes-Chapman will be in Waterstones on 9 May to discuss her latest publication, The Shadow Key. The novel is set in Meirionnydd, 1783, where Dr Henry Talbot has been dismissed from his job in London and finds himself with no choice but to settle down in Wales. Here, where he does not speak the language nor comply with the culture, Henry soon discovers that his predecessors died under strange circumstances. This will lead him to embark on an investigation along with Linette Tresilian, who has always been suspicious of her village, and together they reveal mysteries that will entangle their destinies in unpredictable ways. If you are a history, mythology and gothic lover, or an alumnus of Aberystwyth University who wants to feel inspired by Susan Stokes-Chapman’s journey, please do not hesitate to come along. For more information and tickets for the event, click here.

Crime Panel with Helen Fields, C.J. Tudor and Harriet Tyce

Friday 10 May, 7:00–9:00 p.m., Waterstones, Bournemouth Castlepoint

If you are a crime fanatic or just enjoy an absorbing psychological thriller, you will find this Waterstones’ panel event a worthy way to spend your Friday evening. Filled with all things crime, Waterstones will be hosting a panel event where Helen Fields, C.J. Tudor and Harriet Tyce will be discussing their latest works and answering questions. Helen Fields is a Sunday Times bestseller and million-copy seller who will be discussing her latest novel, Profile K, a police thriller about Midnight Jones, a criminal analyst who becomes the next target for a calculating serial killer. British author, C.J. Tudor, will be discussing The Gathering, an Alaska-set novel where a retired sheriff and detective investigate a crime from the past that seems to repeat itself horrifically. Finally, the Sunday Times bestselling author, Harriet Tyce, will be in conversation about her psychological thriller, A Lesson in Cruelty, which follows three women, each dreaming of a perfect, fresh start, but unprepared for what the price might be. For more information and tickets for the event, click here.

What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday; Makaton Signed Story-Time with Sarah the Makaton Tutor

Saturday 18 May, 11:00 to 12:00 p.m., Waterstones, Telford

Sarah the Makaton Tutor will be joining Waterstones on a beautiful Saturday morning for her latest Makaton-Signed Story-Time. Sarah has mastered the Makaton sign language and is thrilled to share her experience with anyone who would enjoy a joyous, inspiring story. Sarah’s journey began with the birth of her son, Alfie, who has Down Syndrome. Since then, she has been studying ways to facilitate her child’s capacity to communicate, which is how she discovered Makaton and learned how to master it. The wonderful results that Makaton had on Alfie’s communication skills ignited a passion for her to keep pursuing it. At Waterstones, Sarah will be sharing the lovely picture book, What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks. This event does not require any tickets, and for more information, click here.


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