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Upcoming Trends of 2024

By Gemma Mathers, Brittany Holness and Holly Butterfield

In this issue, we will explore which trends we loved in 2023 – and those we didn’t – as well as the new trends we can’t wait to see. We will also discuss the existing trends that we hope will carry over into 2024, and which, fingers crossed, will continue to increase in prevalence among book lovers everywhere. 

So, which trends are we hoping to leave behind in 2023? Firstly, we think we can all agree that it’s time to stop hating on which books people choose to read. There’s no need to look down upon those who are choosing “easier” or shorter reads over a more complex, long-haul book. Reading is for everyone, and we all have completely different tastes when it comes to books. In fact, we hope that we can just leave behind hate in general as we enter 2024. The book community is often one of the most heartwarming places on the internet, featuring wholesome reviews where readers want to show off their favourite books. But occasionally when you’re scrolling through TikTok, you can see thousands of comments attacking readers or authors, which can be really disheartening. This community is all about love, and 2024 should reflect that! 

On a more positive note, there are plenty of things that we would love to see more of this year. For example, self-publishing. It was on the rise all throughout 2023 and, given the popularity of TikTok, it’s more accessible now than ever to publish and market your own book. 

Next up is audiobooks! This is another thing that’s hardly new, but the number of platforms that are now providing access to audiobooks is growing, and we don’t foresee this pattern stopping in 2024. For the past few months, Spotify has allowed its users to listen to a multitude of audiobooks as part of their subscription, and we predict that other streaming sites may follow suit. Similarly, 2024 is the year of bookish podcasts – we can just feel it! There’s already loads popping up all over social media, such as I’ll Read What She’s Reading and The Shameless Book Club, both of which are on TikTok. We’re sure this will be a trend that continues to grow as the year progresses. 

There are also some trends that we would be excited to see in 2024. This past year, there has been a noticeable increase in the purchasing of books, with some members of the book communities showcasing these new books in hauls and bookshelf tours. In the past, this has led to overconsumption as well as an added pressure for casual viewers to emulate what is represented. This year, we think an emphasis on more longform reviews, library cards or rehoming books would be an exciting shift in reading communities. To borrow or donate books would be a nice avenue to consider if a reader does not enjoy a book enough to reread it, or simply doesn’t have enough space for it on their shelf. Why not give it to a new home or, better yet, borrow your next read through a library and then return it when you’re finished? 

An increase in online book clubs would also be a welcome change. In previous years, we have seen Amazon introduce book clubs and TikTok has recently followed suit too, which, given the growth in a desire to read, is not surprising. These book clubs can either be extremely specific and based on shared interests, like a genre, or more general, where a book is chosen, read and discussed. Sometimes, this is done by posting on a platform, like the TikTok Book Club. These online book clubs are a great way to reach readers irrespective of location since all the reading, discussions and interactions can be done remotely. It would also be great to see authors hosting more lives through social media, like Instagram, this year. Oftentimes the best way to learn about the writing and publishing process is by interacting with individuals that have this specific knowledge and experience. Authors would be the best people to learn from, who could not only provide incomparable insight but could also engage with an audience effectively via social media, given their familiarity with these platforms through their marketing of their own books.

Finally, to celebrate a new year of reading and publishing, we thought we’d bring you some of our most anticipated releases of the year. Following the popular trend of mythology retellings, we firstly have Icarus by K. Ancrum. Set to be released in March, Icarus reimagines the popular myth as a star-crossed love story between a young art thief and the mysterious son of the man he’s been stealing from. 

Next up is Molly X. Chang’s debut novel, To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods, which is the first installation in a gripping new fantasy series. A young woman cursed with power must decide if saving her family is worth betraying her country. 

Coming to you in May is A Crane Among Wolves by Jane Hur. Enriched with heritage, this story is based on Korean history. Hur crafts a beautiful and devastating tale enhanced by romance and its dire consequences in this truly great historical fantasy. 

Our final recommendation is one of the most highly-anticipated releases in the world of fantasy. 2023 was a great time to be a fantasy reader, and we’re predicting that 2024 will be no different! After two years, fans are more excited than ever to finally hold another Sarah J. Maas book in their hands: the third instalment in the Crescent City series, House of Flame and Shadow.

2024 is going to be yet another great year and we can’t wait to see what it has in store for the publishing world. 


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