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Volunteer with the Society of Young Publishers in 2024

By Amy Joan Sayner and Georgia Appleyard

If you’re a publishing hopeful based in the UK or Ireland wanting to develop your skills, then a voluntary position with the Society of Young Publishers could be perfect for you.

The Society of Young Publishers aims to support publishing hopefuls no matter their age or background. The membership organisation is run by volunteers who dedicate their time to assisting, informing, and encouraging those who are on their way to breaking into the industry. Members benefit from in-person and digital networking events, workshops, and masterclasses, as well as trade discounts and access to SYP’s small format magazine. And for those who may be interested in lending a helping hand and sharing their knowledge of publishing, applications to become a volunteer in Ireland, Wales, and England are now open.

In order to apply, you simply have to be passionate about working in publishing, even if you have zero experience, or be within the first ten years of your publishing career. Before applying, you will need to choose a committee that best suits your background, strengths, and goals. SYP is composed of eight committees: the UK committee, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, London, the North, Oxford, and the South West. The regional branches focus on curating in-person events, panel shows with local publishers and localised mentorship schemes, while the UK committee oversees SYP as a whole and focuses on developing the website, publishing the InPrint magazine, devising organisation-wide strategy, and offering a wider range of mentorship opportunities.

Some examples of the roles for each committee include: communications officer for email or social media, content officer for blog or podcast, events officer, inclusivity officer, membership and mentorship officer, InPrint writer, InPrint design editor, InPrint picture editor, and student outreach officer. For every position, volunteers will have the opportunity to contribute to meetings and participate in events and online ventures.

Positions on the UK Committee are open to people anywhere within the UK and Ireland, but regional positions require you to be based in those specific areas to ensure you have a deep understanding of publishing in that area. If you can’t decide which role to go for, you can apply for two different locations. Working hours vary, though most people balance full-time jobs alongside working for SYP. Even though it is a voluntary position, your commitment is expected for one year to help keep the organisation running smoothly. And if you love the role, you can serve on a committee for up to three years: this limit allows others the chance to experience the opportunity too.   

Visit SYP’s FAQs for more information, or to apply, click the link for your chosen committee(s) at the bottom of this page to fill out the relevant form.



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