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100 Years of Simon & Schuster

By Iqbal Hussain

100 years, 100 books and one year to celebrate.

Simon & Schuster has reached its centennial year, and to showcase its history, it is celebrating in style. The biggest of these is to bring to attention a selection of books from each decade, from the 1920s to the present. Who doesn’t like a big list of standout books to add to their to-be-read list?

So, where did this remarkable journey begin? It all started in 1924 with two young men, Richard Simon and Max Schuster, driven by a shared love for books. Their passion was the seed that would grow into one of the most influential names in the publishing industry, a name that would find its place in our homes and on our bookshelves.

Their objective was simply to distribute high-quality books of keen interest to the masses. How did they decide what to publish first? That could only be answered by publishing The Cross Word Puzzle Book, the first of the 100-year books chosen by the publisher to be spotlighted by its staff. If that doesn’t quench your thirst for gaming, they have even created a special puzzle to celebrate this milestone on their anniversary page that you can attempt if you are up for the challenge.

In April, the company held a party event in New York, with thirty authors attending to discuss their works. The event videos are on their site for all to enjoy if they weren’t lucky enough to attend the meeting. So, what’s stopping you from feeding your bookish appetite?

One of the most interesting twists in this tale is what has occurred in more recent years. Only a short time ago, Penguin Random House, another great publishing company, attempted to purchase Simon & Schuster, but the deal failed. Something many are thankful for, enabling these companies to keep competing to provide the best books to the reading market.

With 100 years passing and the industry changing, Simon & Schuster has shown its resilience, adaptability, and creativity to remain one of the biggest players in the industry. Looking back at Richard and Max’s stories, it is also time to consider what is next.

This new chapter in their history will include acquiring other media businesses and publishers, expanding their audio and distribution businesses, and increasing their international presence, building on their past successes for their future.





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