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Anticipated Reads

By Sarah Ernestine, Alfie Kimmins, Meg Jones and Georgia Wells

Hotel Portofino by J. P. O’Connell

23 December, Simon & Schuster

Set in the breath-taking Italian Riviera during the 1920s, this work of historical fiction has a dramatic but comforting tone which would appeal to fans of The Crown or Downton Abbey. Bella Ainsworth, owner of the Hotel Portofino is in trouble. Her guests are demanding, her marriage is on the rocks and her children are trying to recover from the fallout of the Great War. Set during the time of Mussolini’s Italy, this is not a good time to have a conniving and crooked politician threatening to drag her into his messes. On top of this, Belle’s son’s potential new love match is about to stir up trouble which will have serious consequences for the entire family.

Find Your Unicorn Space by Eve Rodsky

28 December, G.P. Putnam's Sons

Eve Rodsky, said to be the Marie Kondo of relationships, finishes off the year with her new book, Find Your Unicorn Space. Her New York Times bestselling book, Fair Play, was a revolutionary title on finding a home life balance. Find Your Unicorn Space continues Rodsky’s discussions on greater equality within the home, especially during a pandemic which left many at home all day. When you live, work and go to school from your house, how do you make space for personal time? This book sets out to help you find all of the hobbies, talents and interests you enjoy that can help you feel inspired again. As the new year approaches, it’s time once again to make space in our busy lives for things that bring happiness. Find Your Unicorn Space is the perfect place to start.

The Midnight Girls by Alicia Jasinska

28 December, Sourcebooks Fire

Alicia Jasinska, Australian author of The Dark Tide, is back with The Midnight Girls, a novel that is both dark fantasy and an enemies-to-lovers story. In a winter filled with balls and glittering disguises, Zosia and Marynka are drawn to one another. When it is revealed that they must fight against one another to gain the prince’s heart, they are forced into a burning rivalry. However, what if the competitive fire burns into something more? Consuming a pure heart will give an individual indescribable power. As their battle over the prince heightens, it becomes not only a threat to their power and growing relationship, but to their lives. This book is the perfect new read for fans of Payback’s A Witch, The Wicked Deep, and A Curse So Dark and Lonely.

Here’s To Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

28 December, Simon & Schuster

The New York Times bestselling duo are back with the charming and heart-warming sequel to What If It’s Us. Here’s To Us follows Ben and Arthur two years after the events of the first book. Their initial chance meeting leads to a summer of uncertainty and the politics of fate, (spoilers ahead) where ultimately, things don’t quite work out. Now, Arthur is living his dream life: a boyfriend back home and a Broadway internship. Back in New York, he spots Ben with another boy, throwing his feelings into jeopardy. Fate seems to have brought them together again, but is this really the time for second chances?

The Replacement Wife by Darby Kane

28 December, HarperCollins

With a dead wife and a missing fiancée, Elisa Wright begins to question the innocence of her brother-in-law. Having already replaced his not-yet ‘late’ fiancée, Elisa fears for the woman’s safety in Josh’s presence. In a search for answers, Elisa uncovers information about her family that she never expected and even more women that she didn’t know about. Elisa befriends Josh’s newest girlfriend in an attempt to find out more. But as her memories of a horrible event from the previous year become distorted, she begins to worry whether what she is hearing is true or if she is verging on a breakdown. Fighting off panic attacks and worried thoughts, Elisa is in a race to find out the truth before anyone else finds themselves in danger. Is there a killer in her family or is she just being too distrustful?



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