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Anticipated Reads: Issue 30

By Sarah Ernestine, Genevieve Bernard, Rebecca Ramlakhan, Ellie Gibbs and Meg Jones

Unbound by Tarana Burke

14 September, Headline

This Autumn, activist Tarana Burke releases her memoir: Unbound. Tarana Burke is the founder of the “Me Too” movement. This book follows her personal journey and the birth of a movement considered to be one of the largest social movements in modern American history. Tarana tells her story and how she carried the blame for her assault as a child. In Unbound, Tarana also details the ways in which she supported and empowered a community of young Black girls and women. Tarana Burke sets out to tell her story, whilst encouraging a supportive and honest culture for the next generation of women.

The Wish by Nicholas Sparks

28 September, Sphere

Nicholas Sparks is back with The Wish, a heart-wrenching novel filled with beautiful storytelling, characters you’ll fall in love with, passion and optimism - you’ll find it hard to put it down! Maggie is a renowned travel photographer splitting her time between her gallery in New York and jetting off to remote locations for shoots, but she finds herself grounded at Christmas. Given a difficult medical diagnosis that she is struggling to wrap her head around, Maggie becomes dependent on her young assistant. She begins to confide in him and tell him the story of another Christmas two decades earlier when she fell in love, a love that would change the course of her life forever. A once-in-a-lifetime kind of love, but one that couldn’t last. So, when asked the question; If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

You’d Be Home by Kathleen Glasgow

28 September, Rock the Boat

You’d be Home is a compelling and thought-provoking novel by Kathleen Glasgow, the author of Girl In Pieces. The novel focuses on the small-town Mill Haven, the fragility of life and its dark tragedies. Emory has been told who she is her whole life – the rich one in town, the stunning popular Maddie Ward’s sister at school and the responsible carer of her drug addict brother – Joey. However, when Joey and Emory are involved in a car accident that kills Candy MontClaire, the severity of Joey’s drug habit becomes clear. When Joey is finally released from rehab, and Mill Haven is still mourning over the tragic death of Candy, Emory begins to realise that people are not always what they seem. This gripping, contemporary novel is about a young girl figuring out the complexities of the beauties and pains of life, as well as simultaneously discovering her self-hood and identity.

Summer Sons by Lee Mandelo

28 September, Tor

Andrew and Eddie had always been inseparable best friends, until the summer Eddie moved to Vanderbilt. Six months later, Andrew was set to join Eddie in Vanderbilt, however only days before he arrives, Andrew learns of Eddie’s gruesome “suicide.” Traveling to Vanderbilt, Andrew uncovers a web of secrets and deception, a bloody past and a controlling family. This Southern gothic, debut novel lies in an intersection of fantasy, horror, mystery and coming-of-age stories. Summer Sons is the perfect Autumn read to dive into as the weather cools down.

Beasts Of Prey by Ayana Gray

28 September, G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers

A new addition for fans of the fantasy genre, this YA title promises to dazzle with Pan-African inspired mythology. It is the first of a series, so readers can rest assured that there is a long journey ahead of these two teens. Beasts of Prey follows sixteen-year-old Koffi, who has the extraordinary task of caring for mythical creatures of the notorious Night Zoo, attempting to pay off her family’s debts. It’s not only Koffi’s job that is extraordinary, however, but a power that she holds within herself. This power leads Koffi to save the life of Ekon, who is on a path to become an elite warrior, after an encounter with a vicious monster. The monster in question – a Shetani – is bound to bring them together time and time again. Ekon is determined to hunt it down for redemption. Koffi, however, believes she could sell it to aid her family’s debts. The two teens have no choice but to enter the Greater Jungle and work together, despite their differences and the secrets they are keeping from one another.

Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

30 September, Hodder & Stoughton

Stephanie Garber, the bestselling author of Caraval, is back with an enchanting new series that follows a young woman desperate enough to make a bargain with an immortal, regardless of the consequences. Evangeline has always longed for a fairy-tale ending, but her hopes are dashed by unrequited love. To prevent the one she loves from marrying someone else, Evangeline strikes a deal with the notoriously wicked Prince of Hearts, an immortal from the stories of legend she grew up with. He agrees to stop the wedding, but he wants more from her than his initial price of three kisses. Trapped, Evangeline must decide what she is willing to risk for her chance at happily ever after.



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