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Anticipated Releases: May Must-Haves

By Sarah Ernestine, Laura Riordan, Genevieve Bernard, Bayley Cornfield and Meg Jones

Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead

4 May, Penguin Random House (Doubleday Imprint)

New York Times bestselling author Maggie Shipstead is back this May with a new story to tell. In her new novel, Great Circle, Marian Graves, a female aviator, sets out to circumnavigate the globe. Fifty years after her disappearance in 1950, scorned actress Hadley Baxter is drawn to the cinematic role and cast in the biopic. As filming begins, Hadley finds a sense of familiarity with Marian’s story and begins to question the truth behind the infamous vanishing. Did the daredevil pilot truly die? Spanning continents and nearly half a century, Great Circle soars in the hands of readers as it illuminates the lives of two dynamic women challenging their surroundings. It is the perfect spring read for fans of historical fiction and Donna Tartt.

Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard

4 May, Orion

From the bestselling author of Red Queen comes a new fantasy series that is sure to leave readers hooked. In this thrilling story, there is a growing darkness that even Corayne can feel all the way from her small seaside town. She soon discovers that she is one of the few people left that can stop this darkness, and save the world from being destroyed by a vicious madman who will stop at nothing until he burns all kingdoms to the ground. With an unlikely group of allies by her side, Corayne must journey into the unknown and do all she can to safeguard the fate of the world. Perfect for fans of YA fantasy, this book is a must-have this May!

How to Kidnap the Rich by Rahul Raina

6 May, Little, Brown

“The first kidnapping wasn’t my fault. The others – those were definitely me.”

Fans of My Sister, the Serial Killer and Parasite will love Rahul Raina’s debut novel. How to Kidnap the Rich is an unpredictable and wickedly funny satire of modern-day India from an incisive and uproarious new voice. Brilliant but poor, Ramesh seems destined to lead a quiet

and unremarkable life working at his father’s tea stall in Delhi. But all of that changes when his services as an ‘examinations consultant’ are required by Rudi, the idle son of a wealthy, middle-class family. After Ramesh accidentally aces the test, Rudi achieves celebrity status overnight, and what comes next – blackmail, kidnapping, romance – leaves the country stunned, and will have readers on the edge of their seats.

Bookishly Ever After by Lucy Powrie

13 May, Hodder Books

The final instalment in Powrie’s series follows Ed, a prominent figure in the first two books and a member of the Paper & Hearts Society, as he navigates life after school. Ed is living out his dream, working in the town’s independent bookstore, Woolfe and Wilde. The bookshop has always been his favourite place, so when his co-worker, Hannah, tells him exactly how to do things, Ed wants to get everything right – and he quickly finds himself wanting to impress her. But his mum is dating for the first time since her split with Ed’s dad, and it all seems too sudden. Ed’s going to need all his old friends, and Hannah, to learn to embrace change.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

27 May, Ballantine Books

From the New York Times bestselling author Taylor Jenkins Reid comes this highly anticipated new novel set to be one of this year’s hottest summer reads. Crossing multiple timelines and told from different viewpoints, we’re transported to the world of the rich and famous. In 1983 Malibu, the four Riva siblings host their infamous end-of-summer party – but

what happens that night will change their lives forever. Eldest daughter Nina, twins Jay and Hud, and youngest sister Kit are the source of much fascination on the Malibu social scene. The now grown-up children of legendary singer Mick Riva seem to have it all, but each sibling harbours their own secrets and desires, which threaten to tear their world and family apart. One unforgettable night, one devastating fire and a family full of secrets and lies, Jenkins Reid’s latest story is the perfect recipe for a summer read that will grip you until the very end.



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