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Books and New Year’s Resolutions

By Mary Karayel, Aisling O’Mahony, Alexandra Constable and Hayley Cadel

With the yearly trend of resolutions and fresh beginnings, the new year is a key time for publishers to cater to this market. With self-help titles and books on lifestyle, the aim is to help readers complete their resolutions and stay motivated, but also to educate them. With 2022 hopefully being the year we re-emerge from long lockdowns, in this issue, we're looking at key genres, the market for these books and providing some picks to keep your resolutions on track!

Altering Your Diet

The climate crisis has inspired millions of people to re-address their meat consumption habits, often by adopting a vegan, vegetarian or more plant-based diet. Did you know that choosing not to eat meat one day a week reduces your carbon footprint the same amount as not driving your car for a month? I didn’t, and this makes me want to at least try to eat vegetarian one day a week in 2022. However, ensuring you are eating a balanced diet that still tastes amazing while changing your food lifestyle is no effortless task. So, if you are struggling through Veganuary, or like me, want to make small changes in your life to make a big impact on the world, look no further than the greenest cookbooks on the market. From Dan Toombs’ The Curry Guy Veggie, to Katy Beskow’s The Vegan Fakeaway, eating plant-based food can be exciting and accessible. BOSH! even takes it a step further, with six different vegan cookbooks, championing the philosophy of plant-based eating that is speedy and healthy - they are a great way to motivate you to keep your meat consumption down.

New Hobbies

New Year’s resolutions often include taking up a new hobby and there are so many fantastic books to help you do that this year. If you want to release your inner artist, The Artist’s Manual by Rob Pepper has instructions on all things artistic, from drawing to sculpting to painting. For anyone looking to brighten up their wardrobe, Sew Your Own Wardrobe by Ali Smith is the book for you. If you were inspired by the Queen’s Gambit, Chess for Winners by Juri Ceslak can help you become the next chess prodigy. While you wait for Dry January to end, you can check out Home Winemaking by Jack Keller Jr. If you want to fill your room with lovely scents, buy All-Natural Perfume Making by Kristen Schuhmann and Homemade Soap Making by Janela Maccsone. No matter what your new hobby is, there’s a book out there to help you.

Manifestation and Positivity

A common New Year’s resolution is to develop a more optimistic outlook on life for the rest of the year. We often begin the year manifesting a positive twelve months ahead, promising ourselves we will improve our approach to life. Yet, how often does this slowly dwindle as the year progresses? Many books on this topic are often published at the end of the calendar year in preparation for New Year’s resolutions, and we think some of these suggestions might help to sustain positive vibes all year round. Vex King’s number one Sunday Times Bestseller, Good Vibes, Good Life is filled with quotes, illustrations and anecdotes that can help you kickstart your self-love revolution. Von Braschler’s recent book, Manifesting: Secret Steps to Visualize Real Change: Using Thought Forms to Visualize Real Change similarly teaches you how to use your thoughts to actively manifest the things you desire. With the help of these books, your New Year’s resolution might just make it past January this year!

Managing Your Screen-time

As more and more awareness is raised for mental health, it is important to consider the various ways in which social media and technology affect us. Whilst these things can certainly be positive additions to our lives, it is crucial that we manage them in a healthy and productive manner. If this sounds like a New Year’s resolution that would benefit you, we suggest you grab a copy of Andy Farnell’s Digital Vegan. Farnell advocates for a more educated and conscious use of various technological platforms, citing this as the key to developing a healthier relationship with the virtual world. In doing so, he shares some invaluable tips on reducing your dependency and anxieties surrounding technology.

Nurturing a New Habit

If you’re like us, you might already be struggling to keep some of your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t worry! Books like Atomic Habits by James Clear and Good Habits, Bad Habits by Wendy Wood can help you keep up those good habits all year round. The key is to be specific about what you want to achieve and break it down into measurable goals. Looking forward, there are also plenty of great books coming out in Spring 2022 to help when you need a fresh dose of motivation. For some delicious recipes to keep you on track with your healthy eating, we recommend Courtney Black’s Happier, Healthier, Tastier. To help you manifest the 2022 of your dreams, read Take It In by Giselle La Pompe-Moore, and finally, to help with your exercise plans we suggest Strength Zone Training by Nick Tumminello. These are only a few of the influential books this year has to offer that will help make 2022 your year!



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