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Bookshop Special Editions

By Holly Presswell and Chloe Brown


Every bookshelf needs a little something special – that book that you proudly put at the front or the one with the sprayed edges facing outwards. We have rounded up the new and upcoming special or exclusive editions sold online or in-store. So, pick up your wallets, get reading and buy that book!



Good Girl, Bad Blood (Collector's Edition) by Holly Jackson

In the sequel to the successful bestselling A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Pip and Ravi have another mystery to solve after someone they know goes missing. The book is stunning. This hardback edition is red, with beautiful red and black sprayed edges. The cover hides easter eggs from the book, and with a ribbon to mark your pages, you don’t even need to use a bookmark! If you want to add this to your shelf, buy it here.


Goldsboro Books


Shadowstitch by Cari Thomas


The Sunday Times bestselling series continues with Shadowstitch. While Anna has survived the attempt to bind her magic, she and her coven aren't free from danger yet. As they delve deeper into the magical underworld of London, Anna and her twin must find a way to protect the coven from the witch hunt.


This exclusive edition is published by Harper Voyager – being a UK-first and limited edition, you will want to get your hands on it. With a stunning black and purple cover picturing gold flowers, moons and birds, digitally sprayed edges of London’s streets and a bespoke dust jacket, you won’t know how to display it on the shelf. It is available here to buy.


The Works


Powerful By Lauren Roberts


Lauren Roberts brings us a novella set in a powerless world. Set in the kingdom of Ilya, Adena and Paedyn are inseparable best friends until Paedyn gets selected for the Purging Trials, which means certain death. Follow Adena as she fends for herself and see Paedyn before it’s too late.


If you fancy something a little less expensive, this special edition of Powerful is only £5. The book has beautiful, sprayed edges with green ivy and a sewing needle – in line with the book's theme. The cover is decorated with more green ivy and a larger sewing needle dripping with blood. To get your hands on one of these, order here.

Faber & Faber


Normal People by Sally Rooney


Normal People is the story of deeply damaged characters, Marianne and Connell, as they navigate life through high school into adulthood. This beautiful story shows the reality of two people learning about intimacy, forgiveness, self-belief and communication. 


Faber & Faber have released a member-only (you only have to sign up to become a member) special hardback edition of the book. With a burgundy cover and the title written in large pink letters, its simple design is stunning. If you are a collector, we recommend checking out the rest of Faber & Faber’s member collection here.

Booka Books

The Black Bird Oracle by Deborah Harkness

The fifth instalment of the adored All Souls series will be published in July 2024 and available in an independent bookshop edition. Harkness is a historian of science and medicine which is reflected in her expansive and curious storytelling, and further portrayed in this edition of The Black Bird Oracle.

This first edition is hand-signed by Harkness on the title page and showcases an intricate case gold foil design that incorporates magical motifs and a balanced tarot-like visual. The blackbird silhouette anchors the front case design, mirroring the title and overall magical realism Harkness harnesses in All Souls. If you want to continue the series and own a special edition of book number five, it is available to preorder here.


Babylonia by Costanza Casati

Photo by: Waterstones

Following her spellbinding debut novel Clytemnestra, Costanza Casati moves from ancient Greece to retell the narrative of the Assyrian empire’s only female ruler. This continuation of spotlighting women from antiquity who are largely ignored is greatly welcomed by many readers. Such audiences who anticipate unique retellings are delighted by the thoughtfully designed covers that indicate the historical and mythical content, with the physical copy representing the rich stories of the untold lives of historical figures.

This ornately designed Waterstones exclusive edition features extradentary detailed sprayed edges in contrasting orange and black with slightly different colourways to other editions. The hardback editions also include maps, a glossary, the Babylonian Calendar and a cast of characters.

If you want to learn more about Sammuramat, known by the Greeks as Semiramis, you can pre-order the special edition here.



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