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Celebrating The Publishing Post Platform As It Celebrates 100 Issues

As The Publishing Post celebrates a huge 100 issues we wanted to share a little bit about how much the platform has helped its team members, and our experiences within the organisation. 

Raphaela: “The Publishing Post has been incredibly beneficial to me. Working with the magazine has significantly boosted my confidence as an editor. It's provided me with valuable experience in collaborating within an editorial team and following a professional style guide. Moreover, being part of The Publishing Post has enhanced my CV, which has impressed universities and helped me secure numerous interviews. Overall, the experience has been immensely rewarding and has contributed greatly to my personal and professional growth.”

Rebecca: “I’ve loved getting the opportunity to dive into what is current and trending in the market, looking at what people are eager to read and how in doing so my own reading tastes have changed and been influenced. I’ve been able to develop my writing skills while discovering exciting new authors, and the community has also been so fun to be a part of where we are all passionate about the industry.”

Alice: “During a challenging period of unemployment, The Publishing Post became an invaluable resource for me. It provided a means to keep my industry knowledge and experience up-to-date, allowing me to stay engaged and focused when I needed it most. It not only offered insightful articles and industry updates but also inspired me to remain optimistic and proactive in my career journey. The dedication and passion evident in every issue were truly motivating, helping me navigate through a difficult time with a sense of purpose and direction. Being a part of The Publishing Post has had an incredibly positive impact on my professional development and wellbeing.”

Natalie: “I found the magazine on LinkedIn when I was looking for opportunities to involve myself in publishing to gain more experience and continue getting my foot in the door. Since joining, it has significantly contributed to the development of my skills. My involvement with the alternative publishing feature team, conceptualising and writing articles, has expanded my skill set and created new opportunities. It has provided structure in my post-graduate life and allowed me to learn so much about an aspect of publishing that I was only relatively versed in before joining. It's incredible being able to say I'm a published writer, and I'm proud to say I'm a part of The Publishing Post knowing how much time and effort is put into every issue by everyone involved.”

Serena: ”The Publishing Post has been amazing! It's helped me keep on top of deadlines, meet other people who also want to work in the same space and further my knowledge around the industry and how it works. Although I haven't broken into the industry yet, talking about The Publishing Post in a couple interviews in 2022 was vital for me. I think it particularly helped me secure my current role. I remember mentioning that although I didn't proofread, seeing the proofreaders' thoughts/notes then helped me a lot with my own work. (My proofreading job is based at an events company, rather than publishing.) Last, but not least, it's reassuring there's someone approachable here to talk to! These things are so scary and working from home now, I really appreciate the approachable people on the team that save me now and then when I get stuck!”

Gabi: “I have loved working for The Publishing Post! Working for the Industry Insights team has opened my mind up in so many ways, extending my knowledge of the publishing industry and allowing me to work with other publishing hopefuls. I have found the work at The Publishing Post inspiring and exciting, and I value the opportunity to broaden my experiences within such a diverse and engaging community.”

Caroline: “I love working on the magazine because I get the chance to read and review a lot of great books. I’ve learnt to use Canva, which has added a new string to my bow and given me an interest in design. I want to be a freelance editor/writer, and writing for The Publishing Post is great practice for this because it has enhanced my writing and editing skills. I recommend The Publishing Post to anyone who is interested in a career in publishing.”

Stella: “Being on a team that focuses on the publishing world and all it entails is more than thrilling. As a member of the topical team, I really enjoy matching books to a vast range of events, celebrations, special days of the year, specific topics like the environmental world or motherhood and more. I look forward to continuing writing alongside my focused team that seems to make everything even more fun, somehow!”

Radhika: “After having worked on the magazine for more than two years, I can proudly say that I am privileged to be a part of this incredibly creative team. During my journey of copyediting the magazine articles for every issue, I have discovered insightful information about interesting new reads, learned about authors with whom I wasn't acquainted with before and gathered knowledge about the recent trends and contemporary themes in the book publishing industry. The magazine has helped me to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the world of books and has also encouraged me to keep an eye on different industry events like book publishing sessions, literary festivals, job opportunities, etc. In my copyediting role, I have learnt a great deal about how to edit while retaining the essence of the original writing.”

Sarah: “I've found it to be a really friendly, helpful team. It's given me confidence in my writing and a publication record I can put on my writing CV and which editors/publishers can see online. Writing for the magazine has helped me get a paid job in content writing.”

Jenna: “I find the magazine really interesting to volunteer for and a great way to get an insight into the community by networking with people in the team. It has given me a great insight into where to source publishing roles, especially internships and training; and key tips for when applying.”

Molly: “I found The Publishing Post magazine through LinkedIn and I felt really seen through it, which is why I was drawn to writing articles for the Industry Insights team in the first place. Since recently finishing my Master’s degree in Publishing it has been such an emotional rollercoaster trying to find jobs in publishing but The Publishing Post offers really important advice such as encouraging me to keep trying and not be disheartened by rejection, to follow my passions, to always write my cover letters from scratch and to keep my options open in terms of which jobs I am drawn to (“any experience is good experience”). Overall, I love being able to contribute my own writing to such an amazing publication and pay the kindness forward by working with the talented team of writers for The Publishing Post!”

Alex: “I found the magazine through social media and decided to enquire about joining the editorial team. Working in the editorial team has given me great experience copy-editing and working with other editors, and it’s been great to be a part of the magazine for the last year. Hiring managers always ask about my work at The Publishing Post and it has helped to boost the transferable skills across my CV.”

Stella: “The first time I heard of The Publishing Post was from one of my professors. I immediately went online to learn more about the magazine, and little did I know how much I would learn about the publishing industry. Every single article has brought meaningful insights and helped me realize how diverse and creative the industry actually is. Being a part of The Publishing Post is an opportunity to help others grow their knowledge as well as improve my own. It’s been a pleasure to be able to contribute to this wonderful magazine.”



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