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February Fiction: Anticipated Releases

By Sarah Ernestine, Anna Heywood, Georgia Wells, Alfie Kimmins and Meg Jones

Lockdown on London Lane by Beth Reekles

2 February, Wattpad Webtoon Book Group

From the author of The Kissing Booth, better known for its Netflix adaption, comes Beth Reekles' new novel Lockdown on London Lane. In an all too familiar experience of life in lockdown, inhabitants of the apartment on London Lane are informed that they are to spend the next seven days in quarantine. And so ensues a week-long test of relationships between those behind the doors of the apartment on London Lane. Neighbours Ethan and Charlotte face the age-old question of “does distance make the heart grow fonder?” A small disagreement exposes the cracks of Zach and Serena’s four-year relationship. A hen-do gone awry with the bridesmaids at each other’s throats makes easygoing Liv feel like she is on the verge of snapping. Newly-coupled Isla and Danny gets to spend even more quality time together than they bargained for. And the “one-night stand” doesn’t quite live up to its name as Imogen and Nate now don’t get to have that awkward “goodbye” the following morning. Relationships are trialed and tested as everyone attempts to make it to the end of the week intact. But nobody can predict how quickly things can change in a life on lockdown.

Winchelsea by Alex Preston

3 February, Canongate

Partly inspired by the lives of pirate Anne Bonny and soldier Hannah Snell, this new historical fiction written by Alex Preston, set in the eighteenth century, weaves a story of revenge, piracy and transformation.

In 1742, Goody Brown, after being rescued from drowning and adopted as a baby, has grown up happily in the smuggling town of Winchelsea. But, when Goody turns sixteen, she discovers that her father has been murdered in the night by men he thought were his friends.

To find justice in a lawless land, Goody must enter the cut-throat world of her father’s murderers. With her cherished brother Francis, she joins a competing gang of smugglers. Goody’s adventure not only allows her to discover high seas and desperate villains, she also discovers much about herself: that she can live a life without constraints or expectations, and a taste for danger that makes her blood run fast.

We Were Kings by Court Stephens

1 February, Thomas Nelson

The boundaries of friendship are torn into pieces when eighteen-year-old Francis Quick (Frankie) is sentenced to death for the murder of her best friend Cora King. Twenty years into the future and with the passing of the accelerated death penalty, Frankie’s time begins to run out. Not convinced of Frankie’s guilt, Nyla explores Cora’s death publicly through her YouTube channel. However, as she begins to uncover the truth, she puts herself in danger of falling victim to the same fate that Cora did all those years ago. Nyla now has only thirty days to uncover the shocking truth, to right past wrongs, and save a life.

Ophelia After All by Racquel Marie

8 February, St Martin’s Press

In this beautiful and heartfelt debut, a crush leads Ophelia Rojas to re-examine her identity and figure out whether she is willing to let others see her as she is beginning to see herself. Ophelia has never questioned the things she loves—friendship, roses, Cuban food—and her family’s gentle teasing of her ever-changing boy crushes is nothing more than confirmation of another certainty. That is until her wandering heart plants itself on Talia Sanchez and won’t let go. The person she had decided she was, and would always be, begins to look little more than a fantasy. Coupled with the pressure of finishing high school and her changing friendships, Ophelia must face everything she thought she knew to decide who she is going to be.

Must Do Better by Kate Weston

3 February, Hodder Children’s Books

Kate Weston, and her sparky protagonist Kat Evans, are back in Must Do Better. In this sequel to Diary of a Confused Feminist, Kat returns to school in all of her hilarious, chaotic glory, ready to share her new Feminist Society with all of her classmates. But, as always, things don’t exactly go to plan. Kat tries her best to to balance her love life, her school work, her family, and her friends, but she always feels like she could do better.

Author and comedian Kate Weston once again charms and amuses her readers with Must Do Better, a bold story about mental health and using your voice. This book is the perfect spring read for fans of Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu and Netflix's Sex Education.



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