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Feeling Thankful This Thanksgiving

By Charlotte Barber, Anna Robinson, Jaime Butler and Maisy Twaddle

Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six by Lisa Unger

8 November, Park Row

What could possibly be better than a relaxing weekend away?

Hannah is thrilled when her brother finds a luxury cabin, complete with spectacular views, a hot tub and a private chef. Given its secluded location, they deemed it the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

However, a storm seems to be brewing, one that threatens their weekend away. The owner seems to be a little too present amongst them and the private chef reveals that the cabin is hiding a spine-tingling history within its walls. History that seems to be linked to the guest's own complicated pasts that seem to run blood deep.

As the trip progresses, Hannah seems more and more unsure of the company she keeps, leaving her to wonder just how well she knows her brother – or even her own husband. It seems someone is determined to use the trip to carry out their own revenge on deeds long buried and it seems Hannah’s dreamy holiday is becoming more of a nightmare.

We All Want Impossible Things by Catherine Newman

8 November, HarperCollins

For fans of Nora Ephron and heart-warming stories, try Catherine Newman’s latest contemporary fiction exploring death and caregiving in a remarkably funny book. Edith and Ashley have been best friends for most of their lives. Navigating life together, they have always had each other through marriage, infertility and children. Now, though, life has reached its toughest toil.

When Edith’s ovarian cancer progresses to the point of palliative care, they decide she should stay at a hospice near Ashley’s home in Massachusetts, leaving Edith’s husband and son in New York. As she cares for her best friend, she navigates her own complicated life – an ex-husband living in her home, two adult daughters and relationships with people on Edith’s care team and in her family.

Ashley is a down-to-earth, warm and funny narrator who brings humour to a dark and desperate time. Newman explores the reality of cancer and the gruelling challenge of watching a friend die. But, Newman also highlights the cycle of grief – how it can intermingle with joy and how happiness can co-exist with sorrow. The unique friendship of the women is beautifully told as Ashley sees Edith to the end of her life and the novel captures the highs and lows of commemorating a life before it is lost.

Wayward by Chuck Wendig

15 November, Del Rey

Wayward is the second book in Chuck Wendig’s Sci-Fi dystopian thriller duology, following 2020’s Wanderers. Five years ago, a select number of people succumbed to a strange new sleepwalking malady. These ordinary people mysteriously sleep walked across the country, accompanied by their concerned friends and family.

This epic sequel follows main character Shana, along with former police officer Marcy and struggling scientist Benji, as they navigate the aftermath of the sleepwalking epidemic that brought groups of sleepwalkers and their shepherds to Ouray, one of the last surviving hubs of civilisation.

This group of survivors are attempting to rebuild their fragile society. Facing the powerful plotting of an A.I. called Black Swan, and a reckless mass of supporters for a self-proclaimed president Ed Creel, our main characters’ only hope may end up being one another.

This novel’ s riveting characters, insightful cultural commentary and eerily prophetic events will have you equally enthralled and terrified. A combination of apocalyptic terror, gritty heroism, survival and subsequent rebirth, this vast story is an essential addition to your 2022 to be read pile.

Now is Not the Time to Panic by Kevin Wilson

17 November, Text Publishing

Set in Coalfield, Tennessee, Now Is Not The Time To Panic follows sixteen-year-old aspiring writer Frankie Budge through a lonely summer before she meets Zeke, a gifted artist new to the town. As their relationship grows both creatively and romantically, they make an unforgettable poster and plaster it everywhere for all to see. It’s not long however until rumours begin to fly about the poster’s mysterious origins – was it Satanists? Kidnappers? Panic spreads through the community of Coalfield and the art that had brought Frankie and Zeke together threatens to tear them apart.

Twenty years later, Frankie is known as Frances Eleanor Budge and has built the perfect life for herself. She is a famous author with a loving husband and is an excellent mother to her daughter. When a journalist contacts her to ask questions about the Coalfield Panic, everything is threatened and Frankie must decide how much of the truth she is willing to tell.

Now Is Not The Time To Panic is an exploration of identity, love and the power of art. This warm, bold, coming-of-age novel is certainly one to add to the Christmas list.



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