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Hottest Summer Releases

By Charlotte Horsfield, Caitíe Woolridge, Steph Carroll and Rebecca Weigler

With a list of scorching hot new releases, here is a list of eight (double the total number!!) upcoming titles in July in celebration of The Publishing Post's 100th issue!

Summer Ever After by Jane Crittenden 1 July, Lake Union Publishing 

For Alice, her time in Barcelona can never be forgotten. The promise of a culinary apprenticeship, the passion for the food, the culture. Once set to embark on the greatest adventure of her life, Alice’s heart broke to leave life in Barcelona behind after a family tragedy. 

Now a decade later, Alice finally returns to Barcelona ready to live her dreams. The catch? It means working alongside Andy Hall, the man who left her heartbroken. Determined to see out her dreams, despite this enigmatic man with whom she’s forced to share a space, Alice tries to ignore the still present electricity between them. Except that the more time Alice spends with Andy, the more she dreams about the life they could have had. 

Under the Spanish sun, will Alice get her second chance at great love? 

Rush by Saskia Roy 4 July, HQ Stories

Get ready for a sizzling hot F1 novel this summer, with Saskia Roy’s debut novel Rush.

Lena is an aspiring writer, and Nico a F1 World Champion, have a burning passion for one another, but if you get too close to the flames, someone is bound to get burnt. 

After one night with the world champion, Lena can’t shake him from her mind. After meeting for a second time, Lena is swept into the world of an F1 driver, a world riddled with fast cars and parties. She embraces the recklessness and her desire for Nico, but how long will it be before her F1 bubble bursts? 

Love Story by Lindsey Kelk 4 July, HarperCollins UK

Love Story is a wonderfully romantic romcom centred around fan favourite trope, enemies to lovers. 

Sophie isn’t just a small-town schoolteacher, she is the face behind Este Cox, a romance writer whose identity everyone wants to work out. It’s hate at first sight with Creative Director Joe, but she needs his help, despite him being the last person on earth she’d want to share this secret with. 

A trip to the countryside with the one-bed trope, good banter, and sizzling romance and chemistry makes for the perfect combination for your next summer read.  

First Wife’s Shadow by Adele Parks 4 July, HQ Stories

Emma is independent and wealthy but missing something in life. She is immediately drawn to charming widower Matthew, though their financial statuses couldn’t differ more. Despite a friend’s reservations, Emma falls hard, and the couple marries swiftly. 

But as Emma becomes the second wife, she finds it hard to ignore the perfect memory of Matthews first wife. As strange happenings begin in their home, Emma and Matthew’s marriage spirals in a dark twist. Who can Emma truly trust when nothing around her makes sense? 

The Summer Pact by Emily Giffin 9 July, Ballantine Books

Sweeten your summer reads list with this hot upcoming title from the talented Emily Giffin. Four students with wildly different personalities create an everlasting circle of friends when they meet in student accommodation for the first time. When graduation approaches, a tragedy occurs that leads to them creating a pact that the four friends will always be there for each other in their adult lives. 

Almost a decade after their graduations, Hannah reminds Lainey, Tyson, and Summer of their summer pact all those years ago. Each friend proves their worth by going to Hannah when she needs them most. A celebration of the bond of friendship and how important friends from our childhood can prove to be on our adult journey in life.

This Great Hemisphere by Mateo Askaripour 9 July, Dutton

In one thrilling journey, combining elements of sci-fi and politics, a woman discovers that the brother she thought had disappeared from the world is not only alive but the main suspect in a high-profile murder. Named a Most Anticipated Release of 2024, by both Elle and People magazine, Askaripour creates a vision of a different world riddled with corruption and power struggles between the two hemispheres. Candace must make the out-of-character but necessary decision to find her brother before anyone else can and find out if everything she thought she knew about him was a lie. 

With the chase of the law behind her and the entirety of the prestigious Northwestern hemisphere, Candace embarks on her dangerous mission to find her brother and explores the lengths she will go to succeed in her plan and fight through a world which has been split apart.

The Wilds by Sarah Pearse 16 July, Sphere Publishing

The third book in the Detective Elin Warner Series  find the woods are terrifying this summer in The Wilds by Sarah Pearse. The character of Keir Templer, with a traumatic childhood background, vanishes on a trip to a Portuguese national park. Elin Warner, a smart detective, is about to enjoy the sights and sounds of the national park herself until she finds a map that once belonged to Keir. 

Elin comes across people who may be able to help, but they are working together to shut down Elin’s investigation. Elin leaves behind safety to wander deep into the fairy-tale setting of the woods where Elin seems destined to uncover a big surprise.

The Briar Club by Kate Quinn 18 July, HarperCollins

New York Times bestselling author of The Rose Code returns with a new novel that is just as dazzling as it is dramatic. Set in Washington DC in 1950, against the backdrop of the McCarthy era, five very different women living in a boarding house come together to form an unlikely friendship, all seemingly held together by the weekly dinner parties hosted by the mysterious new boarder, Grace March. Living in the attic room, the other women are drawn into Grace’s world as she lets them find comfort from the outside world. While the borders grow closer, and Grace seems to find her place amongst them, dark secrets which have been buried deep begin to surface, leaving cracks in the little haven they have created. 

Quinn expertly weaves together a thrilling narrative with a glimpse at the perspective of women in a frantic, post-war America. The result is a haunting novel full of the chaos and glamour of the 1950s, life in the capital city, and the nature of paranoia amongst women who must live with each other’s secrets and their own.



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