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Indie Spotlight on Publish Her

By William Swift, Priyanka Joshi and Elizabeth Haslam

Publish Her is a mission-driven magazine and publishing firm that was created in 2018 to empower women through narrative. Under the direction of Chris Olsen, a committed advocate of female voices, Publish Her stands up for marginalised writers and business owners, especially women of colour, those with disabilities or those who identify as LGBTQIA+. They provide tools and assistance for women to express their experiences and create thriving businesses through publishing services, workshops and grants. By 2023, Publish Her has worked with a network of gifted female editors, designers and marketers to publish twenty-nine women writers; awarded a $5,000 Business Impact Grant; organised several events; and conducted coaching sessions. With a focus on inclusivity and purpose, Publish Her is more than just a publishing company – it's a community fostering female empowerment and entrepreneurship.

New Releases

My Song, Unleashed: A Memoir by Marnie Dachis Marmet

This candid and compelling memoir takes readers through Marnie Dachis Marmet’s journey of personal transformation from a childhood filled with silences to an adulthood that will make your heart sing. As a child, Marmet was told she would never be a singer, but as a teenager, Marmet learned to share her truth. As many young women do, Marmet stopped muting and moulding herself to accommodate others and began amplifying her inner voice.

As a certified health coach, Marmet’s tale shares what all women need to know: that listening to your inner voice will get you what you truly want and value. This life story is a delightful tale of love, loss, compassion and learning.

Publish Her Anthology: Better Together by Various Authors

For thousands of years, women have come together to tell stories, pray, celebrate, mourn and teach. Such gatherings have been key to survival and the passing down of knowledge about traditions, cultures, lands and people. Despite women being persecuted for gathering, they have found ways to channel the power of meetings. This collection harnesses this power as women discuss politics, religion, art, literature, music and relationships to collectively fight oppression. 

Everyone should read this collection, not just because it showcases the talent of these authors, but because the proceeds from the sale of this collection go towards publishing grants for underrepresented women authors. 

Notable Releases

Publish Her’s direct sales through their website are not only a vital arm of the business, but an extension of the practice of equity through universal opportunities. That is, they do not sort (or in any way indicate) their own bestsellers. Even their homepage shows a startling lack of promotional material. The only featured title is from an author event at the release of Emily’s Fresh Kitchen, by Emily Maxson.

However, this is also the greatest appeal to working with Publish Her. In place of a typical marketing campaign, Publish Her’s web presence is dictated by their grant, publishing and guidance opportunities, front and centre. 

In the spirit of the Press, the notable releases below have been selected firstly to show the diverse range of manuscripts accepted by Publish Her, and secondly to draw attention to several novels that have lost their debut sales bump but continue to stand as wonderful contributions to the world at large.

The Mitten Thief by Jill Kaufenberg

The Mitten Thief is just one example of the opportunities Publish Her presents to people skilled in areas outside of literature and the insular lit-fic publication world. This beautiful work of children’s literature was inspired by Jill Kaufenberg’s decision to open her own outdoor apparel virtual storefront, Chopper Mill, as she raised her two children.


Publish Her’s acquisition of The Mitten Thief comes as no surprise to followers of the press; the publication of firsthand experiences and singular novels by their authors is a testament to their true commitment to equity. Although Kaufenberg’s background is not in literature, she is no one-hit wonder. She is a new voice that has made a marked contribution to available literature, as well as to the small-business economy.

Salvation Station by Kathryn Schleich

Keep an eye out – Salvation Station will hit the crime genre this April. Publish Her veteran Kathryn Schleich has already seen success for her novels Darkness and Grace and Missing Pieces, as well as broader successes through other independent presses.

Not only has Schleich already proven to be a talented author, but she is also a longstanding patron of the press. While Publish Her is known for their one-off acquisitions based on the lived experiences of their authors, Schleich’s commitment goes to show that in the publishing industry, attentive and supportive presses will keep their authors coming back.



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