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Indie Spotlight On: ShieldCrest Publishing

By Jess Fisher, Elizabeth Haslam, and William Swift

ShieldCrest Publishing- Introduction

ShieldCrest Publishers, part of A Pressman House Company, have been publishing a range of high-quality novels, biographies, children’s books, true stories and non-fiction for over a decade. ShieldCrest state that they aim to “bridge the gap between the traditional publishing houses and self-publishing companies.”


The company prides itself on taking risks, even encouraging manuscripts which may be considered to be taking on “controversial” issues. In addition to this, the company assists its authors with marketing their book to achieve higher sales figures, and also offers to create high-quality web pages to promote the author and their work.


ShieldCrest has been voted as the best-self publishing company by SME Business Journals in both 2019 and 2020. In 2021, it was named the “Book Publishing Company of the Year” by Prestige Awards.


Notable Releases

14 Days in June by David Nicholson

In this gripping thriller, protagonist Jake Ross becomes trapped in a nightmarish game of revenge and jealousy when he returns to Kenya, the home of his teenage years. Jake’s old house is in Mpeketoni located near the border of Kenya and Somalia which makes it a focal point in the years of tensions, land disputes, and migration of tribes from Northern Kenya in the seventies.  When the border explodes into a frenzy of killing and kidnapping on the June 15, 2014, Jake must find a way to keep himself and everyone he holds dear safe. This tale of espionage explores the Mpeketoni attacks where more than 60 people lost their lives from 14 to 17 June. Nicholson paints a picture of desperation and hope in this poignant tale of survival.

A Life Below Stairs by Colin Jones

In this biographical tale of family history, Colin Jones transports the reader through the late 19th and early 20th centuries, through the life of his aunt. Jones’ aunt worked in the kitchens and households of the aristocracy and British royalty for most of her life. This life story provides a personal insight into working “below stairs” in the homes of the crème de la crème of society during the declining years of household service. Known for her character, extravagance, and generosity, this woman’s detailed tale of a life lived in service covers her rise from kitchen maid to cook, from the kitchens of the aristocracy to the Ritz Carlton. A must read for fans of the royal family and programmes like Downton Abbey.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia: The Journey That Everyone Needs to Know by Dr Raymond Olivier and Prof Paul Edison

This account uses the case study of the author’s beloved wife, seen through his eyes as her carer. The book takes a deep dive into the ever-evolving science of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Doctor Olivier and Professor Edison cover symptoms, diagnosis, disease management, available treatment, and a look to the future in this important documentation of a heartbreaking illness. Authored by a retired PhD, Pharmaceutical Process Engineer, Chartered Chemist, and carer (Olivier), and a Clinical Reader in Neuroscience (Edison) at Imperial College London, this book uses personal and scientific expertise to offer a comprehensive look at these diseases.

New Releases


ShieldCrest publishing press, continues its long-standing tradition of serving diverse demographics with three titles of varied content. Readers of all ages can expect to find the same groundbreaking and unique standard of work with each slate of new releases.


Little Ron Cat by Liam Davies


Beginning with young readers, Little Ron Cat brings the magic of Cornwall and a tale of one cat’s perseverance. Little Ron Cat embodies two of the most common themes in ShieldCrest literature  the emotional state of wandering, in tandem with the specificity of location. Readers have praised this picture book for its emotional impact and the recognizable features of Cornwall throughout. Starting young, ShieldCrest not only meets the needs of independent authors but produces content that engages early readers in their world.


Elementary Magic by Angelina


Representing the middle years of literacy development, Elementary Magic brings something elementary to young adult literature. This novel transports readers to the realm of the gods, with battles fought between the most powerful of beings, resulting in a more magical world. Elementary Magic is the first volume in what promises to be a dramatic and exciting series by an emerging author.


My Road to Hell by Steve Denton


For adult readers looking for independent content  particularly content that promises an underrepresented perspective, look no further than ShieldCrest’s recent release My Road to Hell. Blending poeticism and lived experience, Denton explores the horrors of the Bosnian conflict. As Denton says, “I soon discovered that war was real.” This heartbreaking text brings a new perspective to readers with open minds and unmatched empathy.


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