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Indie Spotlight on VERVE Books

By Elizabeth Haslam, William Swift and Jessica Fisher

Launched in 2018, VERVE Books is a dynamic independent publisher based in the UK. Led by a team of creative booklovers, VERVE publishes a wide range of original and important commercial fiction. 

Home to a carefully curated list of award-winning authors, several of whom are activists, including Tara Moss and Robyn Gigl, VERVE prides itself on its enthusiasm for producing compelling fiction.

VERVE also has its very own podcast where the team discuss an eclectic range of topics including the world of publishing, story writing, the climate crisis, magic, cults and feminism, often in conversation with authors and special guests. 

New Releases

Deliver Me by Elle Nash

Jaw-dropping body horror, maternal desire, insect fetishes and an unhinged female narrator are just a few phrases to describe the content of Elle Nash’s upcoming novel. Deliver Me is set in the Missouri Ozarks, the perfect sultry location for this gothic-soaked story. The book follows Dee-Dee, a pregnant young woman who works in a meatpacking facility. When an old friend resurfaces from the past to pay her a visit, Dee-Dee fears that she will slip back into the shadows. Morbid, disturbing, yet brilliant, Deliver Me will be released on 27 June 2024. 

How Can I Help You by Laura Sims

Sticking to the theme of unhinged female narrators, How Can I Help You is a thrilling psychological drama about, as one NetGalley reviewer put it, “ordinary women who are anything but.” Patricia is the newest member of staff to join her small town’s public library, and she quickly becomes fixated on her suspicious colleague, Margo. While Margo presents herself with the perfect balance of middle-aged normalcy and charm, no one has connected the trail of premature deaths left in the wake of her nursing career. Sims’ novel explores the dark side of human nature and the lengths of obsession that some people will go to. This title will be released on 25 July 2024. 

The War Widow by Tara Moss

This international bestseller is the first in a thrilling historical mystery series set in 1946 Sydney and following private investigator and former war reporter, Billie Walker. Tagged as perfect for fans of Kate Morton, Lisa Scottoline and Rosalie Knecht, the book features a fast-paced plot with an engaging female protagonist. The War Widow is available to buy now on the VERVE Books website. 

Notable Reads

VERVE Books’ publishing house represents several highly regarded authors, such as Chloe Michelle Howarth and Kathy Wang, both of whom have been nominated for several awards for novels published with VERVE. VERVE’s curated selection of fiction and quality marketing campaigns have allowed their authors to not only find their audiences, but to be recognised for their groundbreaking and unique work in feature articles and shortlist nominations. The success of novels such as Sunburn and Imposter Syndrome has elevated VERVE to the status of an alternative press with a definitive presence, attracting both emerging and seasoned authors alike.

Sunburn by Chloe Michelle Howarth

Making waves in queer literature, the sapphic love story Sunburn has collected three features by LGBTQIA+ presses among its accolades. As Lucy, our leading lady, explores her identity and sexuality, she reckons with the fluidity of all institutions, from the concept of home to the religion embedded in her community. In a conservative Irish town, there are very few places Lucy can find refuge. Taking on everything that is seen to be the norm, Howarth’s novel stands out as a prized addition to the VERVE catalogue.

Imposter Syndrome by Kathy Wang

For readers of crime and cybersecurity, as well as those looking for minority voices in all industries, Imposter Syndrome combines elements of domestic and international espionage into one thrilling novel. Published in 2022, this work brings an intersectional perspective on Silicon Valley in an inventive and disruptive way, exploring the tension between national security and the globalised experience, as well as antagonism between women of different races and classes. Similar to other recent publications such as Yellowface (HarperCollins), Wang gives readers a heartfelt representation of how contemporary issues affect the individual, not just the demographic. Wang’s complex characters explore the terms and conditions that go unread, and the anxiety-inducing presence of the internet in every aspect of our lives. Ironically, this novel features heavily in VERVE Books’ social media presence. 



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