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Latest Acquisitions & Adaptations

By Georgie Cutler, Eva Lee, Molly Pearce and Niamh Parr

Acquisition News

Sutton’s Cosy Crime Novel Acquired by Renegade

The first book in Paula Sutton’s new Hill House Vintage Murder Mystery series, called The Potting Shed Murder, has been acquired by Renegade, a commercial imprint of Dialogue Books. World English and audio rights to two titles were acquired by Christina Demosthenous, Lead Publisher at Renegade, from Senior Agent Oscar Janson-Smith at Gleam Futures. The thrilling tale follows main character Daphne as she moves from London to a small Norfolk village named Pudding Corner, armed with an optimistic determination to fit into the rural community as a Black woman. However, troubles arise when the headmaster of the local school is found dead and, as the village transforms from a place of serenity to a place of chaos, Daphne’s friend Minnerva is suspected of foul play, and Daphne takes it upon herself to clear her friend’s name. Sutton’s novel is set to transform the cosy crime genre, which has been favoured by authors such as Agatha Christie and Richard Osman. The Potting Shed Murder will be published on 4 April 2024, so look out for it!

Historical Debut by Jones Bought by Sphere and Union Square

Lora Jones’s debut novel, The Woman in the Wallpaper, has been acquired for publication in both the UK and the US. UK and Commonwealth rights to two titles were snatched up by Rosanna Forte at Sphere, an imprint of Hachette UK, in a twenty-four-hour pre-empt, with North American rights subsequently being acquired in a six-figure deal by Emily Meehan and Claire Wachtel at Union Square. Hailed as a cross between Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper and Jessie Burton’s The Miniaturist, Jones’ novel focuses on the lives of three women working in a wallpaper factory on the eve of the French Revolution. When it is discovered that the silhouette which features as the central motif of their company’s wallpaper is in fact the figure of the owner’s late wife, turmoil threatens the lives of these women as they must suddenly navigate the growing mystery behind the wallpaper as well as the dangers of the commencing revolution. The Woman in the Wallpaper is expected to be a superlead title for Sphere as well as a lead title for Union Square and will be released by both publishers in 2025.

From Book to Screen

What to watch?

The Summer I Turned Pretty Returns for Season Two

Last summer’s The Summer I Turned Pretty series became a huge hit and now it’s back for season two based on the second novel, It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han. You can expect to see some familiar faces as the main cast is back, including Lola Tung, Christopher Briney, Gavin Casalegno, Rachael Blanchard and Jackie Chung for their respective roles in the series, alongside some new character additions. The second season is expected to follow Belly’s teen romance as she continues to find out what love means amongst the family troubles, the Fisher boys and her own struggles. Season two will consist of eight episodes ending on 18 August 2023. Will you be tuning in? You can stream the first season which is available now on Amazon Prime.

In the Works

Wonka to Hit Screens and Bookshelves

After the trailer for Wonka was released, fans got a glimpse at the upcoming adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This rendition by Paul King (Paddington) will delve into the events that made Willy Wonka the famous chocolatier we recognise from the book. Thimothée Chalamet takes on the titular role, with Olivia Coleman, Hugh Grant, Sally Hawkins and Keegan-Michael Key accompanying him in the star-studded cast. Alongside the film, Puffin has teamed up with The Roald Dahl Story Company to produce a prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that will be released on the same date as Wonka. Bestselling author Sibéal Pounder is set to “bring the story of the Wonka movie to the page” (The Bookseller). Wonka will be available in cinemas from 15 December.

Long awaited teen movie Uglies coming to Netflix

Scott Westerfield’s beloved teen science-fiction book series Uglies will finally make its Netflix debut towards the end of 2023, after being in the works for many years. In a world where girls transition into women through undergoing a cosmetic procedure, one teenager begins to realise the inherent corruption of the system through which people become “pretty.” Starring The Kissing Booth’s Joey King, 47 Meters Down actress Brianne Tju and Outer Banks actor Chase Stokes, Uglies is set to feature a well-known, beloved cast full of familiar faces. Another important feature of this film is that Joey King is not only its star, but also its executive producer. After years of attempting to acquire the rights to the book, King has successfully partnered with Netflix, alongside director McG (Charlie’s Angels, The Babysitter) to make her dreams a reality. We cannot wait to see how this beloved sci-fi novel has been adapted!



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