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Latest Acquisitions & Adaptations

By Georgie Cutler, Eva Lee, Niamh Parr and Emily Retford

Acquisition News

Scholastic Wins Auction for Jo’s Newest YA Romcom

After a six-way auction for Sophie Jo’s second novel, the YA contemporary romance Red Flags, Scholastic UK has come out on top. UK and Commonwealth rights were acquired by Polly Lyall Grant, Fiction Editorial Director at Scholastic UK, from Chloe Seager at Madeleine Milburn. Red Flags is the tale of two avoidant personalities miraculously coming together to challenge their respective commitment issues. Cam is Poppy’s mysterious bus crush and nothing more. But they share one thing in common: neither of them date, or at least never for very long. Poppy’s standards are sky-high – one red flag in a partner is enough to send her running – and Cam can’t stop getting the ick. Neither of them sees a need to change their ways until a sudden coincidence throws them together. Poppy’s friends have dared her to date someone for two whole months – whilst Cam’s friends have banned him from ending things in his next relationship. Poppy decides that her bus crush might be the best of a bad bunch, not knowing that he’s already set on doing everything he can to make her break up with him first. Amidst the chaos, Poppy and Cam both find themselves reassessing what it truly means to be a ‘”red flag” (The Bookseller). The novel is set for publication in February 2025. 

Eden McKenzie-Goddard’s New Novel Pre-Empted by Viking

Viking has landed the rights to Eden McKenzie-Goddard’s debut novel. The immersive Smallie is set in 1950s Barbados and 2010s London. The debut novel follows the story of the impact of the Windrush Scandal on three generations of a Bajan-British family. Lucinda, a young woman from Barbados, leaves her home for London in 1956 to look for her lover, Clarence, who has left to enlist in the British Army. Sixty years later, Lucinda receives a letter that threatens to deport her back to Barbados, leaving her family to fight to prove her legal arrival to Britain by a journey through her history and life. Socially apt, Smallie explores the deep anger at the root of the Windrush Scandal and highlights how generosity and the determination of the human spirit can persevere. Publisher Isabel Wall commented that McKenzie-Goddard offers a “deeply human perspective on a national crisis… entwining the personal with the political Wall pre-empted UK and Commonwealth rights to the title from Rory Clarke, on behalf of Andrew Nurnberg Associates. Smallie is set to be published in 2026.

From Book to Screen

What to Watch?

Netflix Picks Up Geek Girl

Netflix has snagged another teen series based on the best-selling book, Geek Girl. The novel written by Holly Smale is a six book sereis released back in 2013 to 2017 and is confirmed by Netflix to release a total of ten episodes. It follows the life of fifteen-year-old Harriet, a normal girl who has always wanted to fit in but lacks confidence and is socially awkward. Chosen as the next face of a fashion modelling campaign, she learns to face various obstacles and stand out in a harsh society, developing personal growth. Actress Emily Carey has been cast as Harriet, the leading lady, alongside the likes of Emmanuel Imani, Liam Woodrum and Rochelle Harrington. Will you be tuning in to see Harriet’s journey throughout the series? Geek Girl is out now!

Queenie comes to Channel 4 and Hulu

Candice Carty-Williams’ book Queenie won the Book of the Year at the British Book Awards back in 2020 and it is finally being brought to screens this summer. The novel follows Queenie Jenkins, a Jamaican British woman, who questions where her life is headed after going through a quarter-life crisis. Going through a messy breakup, being overlooked at work and trying to get her family to listen to what she’s saying, Queenie must decide how her life should be lived going forward. This darkly comic series will have you relating to the intricacies of transitioning into adulthood. The series will be made up of four episodes. It will star Dionne Brown as Queenie Jenkins, alongside Jon Pointing, Samuel Adewunmi, Bellah and Sally Phillips. You can stream Queenie on Channel 4 and Hulu from 7 June 2024.

Our Top Picks To Celebrate Pride Month

Red, White and Royal Blue (2023): This romcom sees the US President’s son fall in love with a British Prince.

Fire Island (2022): Take Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice but make it a group of queer friends summering in Fire Island Pines.

Gentleman Jack (2019 – 2022): Inspired by the diaries of Anne Lister, this BBC show delves into the amazing life of Anne Lister during the 19th  Century.

Heartstopper (2022 – present): Alice Oseman’s sweet graphic novels have a Netflix adaptation depicting the young love of Nick and Charlie. 

Call Me By Your Name (2017): André Aciman’s atmospheric coming-of-age novel centres around the blossoming relationship of Oliver and Elio.



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