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Legendary Comics Team with Oscar Isaac For New Graphic Novel

By Malachi Martin

On 4 May, Legendary Entertainment’s subsidiary Legendary Comics announced and simultaneously launched a Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming graphic novel, Head Wounds: Sparrow. Sparrow is set to be written by DC Comics writer Brian Buccellato (The Flash, Detective Comics, Suicide Squad), illustrated by Christian Ward (Thor, New Mutants, Young Avengers) and developed by the critically acclaimed and award-winning Hollywood actor Oscar Isaac, the star of Marvel’s Moon Knight series on Disney+.

The graphic novel has been revealed to be approximately 130 pages long. The campaign page also discloses that those who back the project will receive collectible items that will only be available to them. The backer rewards include a digital copy of the graphic novel in PDF format, exclusive wallpapers for laptop, desktop or mobile devices, a deluxe hardcover edition, an exclusive pearlescent print, a bookplate signed by the writer and artist and much more depending on the amount of money pledged. More information is available regarding the backer rewards on the Kickstarter page here. Within two days of its announcement, the Kickstarter has managed to exceed its initial goal of £20,000 and now stands at £30,353, with a stretch goal of £40,000. At the time of writing, the campaign has 699 backers with twenty-two days to go before it reaches its end.

A crime and mystery graphic novel, here is the official synopsis for Legendary’s Head Wounds: Sparrow as it appears on its Kickstarter campaign page:

“Tangled up in the battle between Good and Evil, a crooked Louisiana detective with a higher purpose must psychically suffer the wounds of those he’s sworn to protect until he brings their assailants to justice.”

After witnessing the murder of his best friend, Sparrow’s protagonist, Leo, develops abilities to see both angels and demons as he decides whether to “do what’s best for him, or follow a higher purpose.”

Head Wounds: Sparrow developer Oscar Isaac shared his view on why he feels this story works in the format of a graphic novel, saying, “I think there is something about this particular medium that allows such incredible world building” (Collider). Adding to his statement, Isaac believes that developing a graphic novel allows one to really “express and juxtapose ideas that you can’t in other mediums.” Meanwhile, Sparrow creator and Senior Vice President and Publisher of Legendary Comics Robert Napton revealed that the graphic novel is a “very personal and character-driven story” with a “mixture of grounded ‘70s cinema themes and fantastical elements” (Collider).

Head Wounds: Sparrow is set for trade release on 9 August.



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