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Looking Forward: 2021 Preview Pt. 2

Pop Song: Adventures in Art and Intimacy by Larissa Pham Release Date: 1 July

“Art preserves; bruises fade. Once I could get past saying, I hurt, I realized I had so much more to say.”

In this intimate and evocative memoir-in-essays, Larissa Pham’s debut work of non-fiction turns to art – from the work of Nan Goldin and Louise Bourgeois, to Frank Ocean’s sophomore album Blonde – to reflect on modern life, love and loss. Weaving together the author’s own experiences with sharp commentary on drugs, sex and feminism, Pop Song grapples with the trauma of heartbreak, which is at once agonisingly personal and consolingly universal. Detailing Pham’s feelings of displacement in the country she grew up in as an Asian-American woman, and her attempts to escape to New Mexico, China and beyond, her writing is experimental, intriguing and ultimately full of heart and hope. Through music, painting and photography each essay serves as a reminder of the consoling power of art – how it makes us, breaks us and helps us find our way back home. – Bayley

Flash Fire by T.J. Klune Release Date: 13 July

Flash Fire is the spectacular sequel to The Extraordinaries: a contemporary fantasy where superheroes roam the streets of Nova City. The series follows Nick, an extraordinaries superfan and popular fanfiction writer, as he embarks on a dangerous quest to make himself extraordinary. In Flash Fire, new and potentially villainous extraordinaries are arriving in Nova City. Nick and the superhero boyfriend he’s always wanted must decide the motivations of the latest superpowered individuals. But Nick’s focus lies elsewhere. His fanfiction writing keeps getting in the way of his superhero side job and he might not be prepared to protect his city from harm. Flash Fire is sure to be a hilarious and extraordinary novel from bestselling author T.J. Klune. Meg

Under a Starlit Sky by E.M. Castellan

Release Dates: 9 November

In this brilliant and thrilling follow-up to Castellan’s In the Shadow of the Sun, Henriette is fulfilling her promise to use her magic to help the King build the enchanted Palace of Versailles he’s always craved. However, when her deteriorating health forces her to step aside, she finds her powerful position and influence in the court threatened. So, when she starts to experience a new surge of power and forms unexpected bonds with old enemies, she will be faced with a deadly choice: use her magic to help the House of Bourbon stay in power, or use it to help secure her own place at the centre of the court. Laura

Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci Release Date: 7 October

The award-winning actor and self-professed foodie Stanley Tucci brings us this charming and delicious memoir of his life both in and out of the kitchen. Synonymous with films such as The Devil Wears Prada, The Hunger Games and Julie & Julia, Tucci has become a household name known by many, but few recognise the gastronomical talent he also brings to the table (as well as making the perfect Negroni). With his signature humour and wit, Tucci shares the magic of home-cooking through anecdotes and tales from his childhood growing up in an Italian-American family in New York, to falling in love with his wife over dinner, and every delectable story in between. Taste reflects the ways in which life and food intersect, from the good times, as well as the bad, the gastronomical triumphs, to the burnt toast disasters, this book is an absolute feast and one we can’t wait to devour. Genevieve



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