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Not To Be Overlooked

By Gurnish Kaur

Not To Be Overlooked introduces a variety of wonderful but lesser-known books to assist readers in finding their next great reads. This week’s column covers a review of My Body by Emily Ratajkowski.

Whether it’s the name you recognise or the face, My Body is her story; Emily Ratajkowski’s story. Aside from interviews, My Body has given Ratajkowski a voice to express her relationship with the media.

The writing style of My Body is easily accessible and Ratajkowski walks you through her experiences while also commenting on the societal expectations she felt the pressures of during her career. In a powerful quote from the book, Ratajkowski calls out readers and herself about our own prejudices. The last sentence sets the tone for the memoir and reminds us of all the women that have helped each of our journeys through life.

“I will proclaim all of my mistakes and contradictions, for all the women who cannot do so, for all the women we've called muses without learning their names, whose silence we mistook for consent. I stood on their shoulders to get here.”

Emily Ratajkowski, a well-known model, actress and activist, has been a prominent figure in the world of fashion and body positivity. In her ground-breaking book My Body, Ratajkowski takes readers on an intimate journey that challenges conventional beauty norms, explores her personal experiences and advocates for female empowerment.

In a world where unrealistic beauty standards have long dominated the media and fashion industries, My Body stands as a refreshing testament to the body-positive movement. Ratajkowski fearlessly confronts the societal pressures and objectification she has faced throughout her career. She critiques an industry that often reduces women to mere objects of desire, emphasising that women should not be defined by their looks alone, but recognised for their talents, intellect and individuality.

Through her book, Ratajkowski opens up about her struggles with body image and self-esteem, acknowledging that even those considered “beautiful” can be plagued by self-doubt. My Body allows readers to see the woman behind the glamorous persona, embracing vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness.

Ratajkowski candidly shares her personal experiences with body shaming and the impact of growing up in a world that often promotes unattainable ideals. By baring her soul, she encourages readers to let go of self-judgement, fostering a sense of acceptance and compassion for oneself and others.

Beyond her modelling career, Ratajkowski has been an outspoken advocate for gender equality and female empowerment. Her book challenges traditional gender roles and the notion that women's bodies are primarily meant for the male gaze. Instead, she calls for the liberation of women from the confines of societal expectations, empowering them to take control of their bodies and destinies.

In My Body, Ratajkowski redefines beauty, emphasising that it is not limited to a specific size, shape or appearance. She champions a diverse and inclusive definition of beauty, celebrating uniqueness and rejecting the idea that one body type is superior to another. This message serves as a reminder that beauty comes in many forms and that all bodies should be cherished and respected.

Whilst My Body is an empowering narrative, it also acts as a call to action. Ratajkowski urges readers to be more mindful of the media they consume and the messages they internalise. She advocates for the need to challenge harmful beauty standards and to embrace a more compassionate outlook towards ourselves and others.

Emily Ratajkowski's My Body is a powerful memoir that goes beyond the surface of fame and glamour. It delves into the depths of self-acceptance, body positivity and female empowerment. By sharing her personal journey, Ratajkowski encourages readers to embark on their own paths of self-discovery to embrace their bodies and reclaim their narratives. Her words inspire us to challenge the status quo and to cultivate a world that celebrates the beauty and strength inherent in every individual. Throughout My Body, Emily Ratajkowski reminds us that beauty is not a fixed concept; it is a reflection of the diverse and multifaceted human experience.



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