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Production Editor, The Publishing Post

We are looking for a new Production Editor, to begin at the end of July.

This role involves taking in the amends from our proofreaders and editing them accordingly on the collated InDesign document. This is a great role for anyone interested in production and will require a really keen eye for detail. The role will require around 3 hours every two weeks within a 3-day period.

Some experience of Indesign would be preferable, as the Production Editor will need to be able to edit text, adjust elements of spreads, input character/paragraph styles etc.

For more information or to express interest in the role, please email us at with the subject: 'Production Editor.' Please do include a little bit about yourself and your interest.

Please note: this role requires personal access to an InDesign license. We wish we could fund this, but due to the volunteer nature of the magazine we are unable to offer this.


The Publishing Post is made up of writers, editors, proofreaders, typesetters, designers, admin officers and social media managers.

We are always accepting new team members across the magazine, but the specific vacancies that are available will change, a full list will be provided upon enquiry. All team positions are assigned on an ongoing basis (and not on set week-long durations), meaning that anyone looking to join the team will need to be committed long-term to their role to align with this.

Roles are unfortunately unpaid. Part of our mission is to open the industry to those who previously may have found it inaccessible due to financial, or discriminatory reasons. In a bid to alleviate this slightly, the magazine is completely free to everyone who wishes to learn about the industry. We will never ask for any proof of experience, or a CV when recruiting, we only require committment, a desire to learn and for contributors to be passionate about everything they work on.


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