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Publishing Events in the Spotlight: The Nibbies and the Publishing for Everyone Convention

By Michaela O’Callaghan and Rosie Burgoyne

This issue, as an events team we wanted to take a moment to put the spotlight on two unmissable upcoming events, one that is renowned in the industry and one that is shaking things up.

The British Book Awards, 13 May, 4:00 p.m. onwards

Last year, the Nibbies went virtual in an incredibly successful event that won ‘Event of the Year’ in the Professional Publishers Association’s Independent Publishing Awards. Therefore, we have high hopes for this year’s event.

The Newbies

Pageturner: The new Pageturner award category is for popular fiction titles across all formats. From thrillers to fantasy and historical fiction, this award is for those books that we could not put down this year. The shortlist includes exceptional page-turners from Just My Luck by Adele Parks to All the Lonely People by Mike Gayle. This award is a breath of fresh air, celebrating popular fiction that deserves to be recognised. See the full shortlist here.

Designer of the Year: Another new award for 2021, Designer of the Year celebrates the creative powerhouses that are essential to a book’s success, the designers! A mix of freelance and in-house professionals, this award is a brilliant way to acknowledge the diverse range of creative individuals that produce breath-taking covers and brand designs.

Anna Morrison, one of the shortlisted designers, says, “I’m so pleased The Bookseller has reinstated the designer award at the Nibbies. I feel it validates the role of a designer as an important part of publishing and not just an afterthought. Obviously, I’m thrilled to be shortlisted too”. See the full shortlist here.

Top Tips for Publishing Hopefuls Watching the Nibbies

1) Keep an eye on the publishers

Who is publishing your stand-out winner for the Debut book of the year? Who are the creative brains behind your favourite marketing campaign? This is a brilliant chance to see what each publishing imprint has been up to and what makes them special, perfect for when you are writing your next cover letter.

2) Watch several announcements

Make sure you watch the Trade awards related to areas of the industry you want to learn more about. The Nibbies is unique in its celebration of the range of roles that keep the book industry going. Explore the work of literary agents or sales professionals, editors or booksellers. It might help you decide which area of publishing excites you the most!

3) Get involved!

Make sure you are getting online and getting involved! Follow @thebookseller on Twitter and use the hashtag #BritishBookAwards. Find out more about the event here.

The Publishing for Everyone Conference, 15 May

Now in its second year, this annual publishing conference hosted by the Bath Spa University publishing course and the Society of Young Publishers Southwest, is an innovative initiative, produced and run by publishing students and professionals. The event features a packed line-up of panel discussions with guest speakers from across the industry speaking on the issues that really matter in the book publishing right now. Publishing hopefuls and newcomers will also have plenty of opportunities for networking, with virtual networking taking place on social media and a number of breakout sessions integrated into the schedule to allow those looking to enter the industry the chance to ask questions and make those all-important connections.

There are various ticketing options ranging from £3-£10 available depending on if you wish to attend just one panel or the whole day and free tickets are on offer for SYP members and students.

Here are some of the event team’s top picks of the panels to get booked onto:

1:00–1:45 p.m. Regional Publishing Panel: This panel promises to shine a light on Welsh publishing and the incredible amounts of innovation and creativity that it contributes to the publishing industry.

2:30–3:15 p.m. Progressive Publishing Panel: Tackling the big question of what the future holds for publishing, guest panellists will be speaking on a range of issues such as what the industry needs to do to become more environmentally-friendly and how to ensure that publishing workplaces and the books that are being produced inside them are able to operate as powerful forces for positive change.

3:45–4:30 p.m. The Next Generation of Publishers: If you are a publishing hopeful looking to sign up to one of the events from the convention, make it this one. This interactive panel will dive straight into the topics related to that all important question of ‘how to break into the publishing industry’. Roundtable discussions from industry professionals and students will include advice on job interviews and thoughts on the changes that the next generation of future publishers intend to make, plus the invaluable opportunity to submit your questions to the panel in advance via the convention’s social media accounts or using the hashtag #NextGenOfPublishers on Twitter during the event.

For future scheduling and guest speaker announcements, follow the organisers on social media at: @pubforeveryone_ on Instagram. @pubforeveryone on Twitter. Tickets for the event are available via Eventbrite here.



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