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Shuffling of the Shelves - July Part 2

By Hannah Moore and Melissa Tran

It is no surprise that romance reads dominate the charts this month. With the summer holidays beginning and the UK being hit with a heatwave, page-turners are going to be soaring off the shelves!

There has been movement in the Amazon charts, with big names being bumped from the top spots. Elin Hilderbrand takes the number five spot with The Hotel Nantucket. Hilderbrand explores romance, drama and relationships all set to the backdrop of the Hotel Nantucket which introduces a historical element to the novel. With previous page-turners such as Golden Girl, Hilderbrand lives up to her title as “the queen of beach reads” with this novel (New York Magazine). Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score sits at number six. The novel follows Knox, who typically keeps himself to himself, and Naomi who is constantly surrounded by drama. Readers have said that it is not ‘like most rom coms that are so over the top” as its characters are “so real” (Amazon). Score shows the ups and downs of relationships between families and partners and how characters once perceived as total opposites can come together.

Many of the same titles remain within the WHSmith’s charts, but there are some notable new entries as well. In the number one spot is Sunday’s Child (The Rockwood Chronicles Book Four) by Dilly Court, which explores the romance between Nancy and Freddie as Nancy struggles to discover the truth about where she came from. Court continues her series with a page-turning romance that keeps you excited for the next instalment. Stephen King's Billy Summers sits at number eight. Billy Summers is a war veteran turned hitman who wishes to retire from his post, but when he is offered one final job it is just too big to refuse. Yet, Billy soon learns that this job is not what it first seems and begins to regret his involvement. King’s thrillers are always well received by audiences with this novel being no exception. At number nine is Three Sisters by Heather Morris, the author of The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Following the story of sisters separated during the Nazi regime, Morris finishes her series with a gripping, heart-breaking instalment.

Lightseekers by Femi Kayode is high in the Waterstones chart this month with an exclusive edition recently hitting the shelves. Described as “inventive and original” Kayode crafts a thriller unlike any other, laced with Nigerian culture and politics (Waterstones). Lightseekers follows investigative psychologist Philip Taiwo who attempts to get to the bottom of why three young students were murdered at a university. This book is now Waterstones thriller of the month for July which demonstrates Kayode’s genius and the books’ popularity. Another novel at the top of the chart is Nura and the Immortal Palace by M. T. Khan. This is another book in the Waterstones chart which explores different cultures as Khan creates a magical story rooted in Muslim folklore. Khan introduces us to the young but brave protagonist, Nura, as she goes in search of buried treasure to help with her family's financial troubles. Readers suggest this is not only a beautifully written children’s book but also “tells a bold tale that challenges greed and inequality” which makes this a highly informative book for children to get their hands on (Waterstones Reviews).

Currently trending on BookTok is Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman. A beachy, summer romance that will have you hooked from the first page. Funny You Should Ask follows the story of a reporter and a celebrity over the course of ten years as their lives intertwine. Sussman has created a witty romance that’s bright, eye-catching cover and glamorous characters have dazzled both the BookTok and Bookstagram communities. On a similar front, Emily Henry’s You and Me on Vacation remains a prevalent trend in book online communities. Another romance perfect for a summer, beach read, Henry’s novel follows Poppy and Alex in a laughter-filled story of love.

The Terminal List by Jack Carr is our noteworthy book this month. Carr is a number one New York Times bestselling author and a former Navy SEAL which he draws on in his writing. Carr’s thriller gained a new audience after The Terminal List was made into a television series starring Chris Pratt. Pratt stars as James Reece, a Navy SEAL who seeks vengeance after the mysterious death of his entire platoon. The television show has had mixed reviews from audiences, for instance some have said: “Chris Pratt nailed it as James Reece, highly recommend,” another recommending that the book “captures [Reece’s] spirit even better” and others have questioned whether it “lived up to the crazy hype” that social media portrayed (Twitter). Overall, Carr’s books have seen a spike in popularity and will probably continue to do so if season two of The Terminal List arises!



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