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Shuffling of the Shelves: July Part One

By Anais Aguilera, Katie Norris, Olivia Paris and Sophie Poirier

This month we celebrate The Publishing Post’s 100th issue by noting authors whose novels have placed in the top one hundred lists and who have experienced a 100th milestone by having produced over a hundred books.


Kicking off the list this week is a novel co-written by two prolific authors, both with numerous hits to their names. Eruption by Michael Crichton and James Patterson hit the number two spot on the Amazon Most Sold Fiction chart. Coinciding with The Publishing Post’s 100th issue, Patterson has also experienced a 100th milestone with more than two hundred novels produced under his name. Eruption blends the writing styles of two household names to tell a thrilling story set on Hawaii’s Big Island. A massive eruption looms over the island but underlying military secrets may pose an even bigger threat.

For any non-fiction fans out there, Erik Larson’s latest book could be the one to pick. Larson, known for his unique and captivating non-fiction storytelling, tackles the tumultuous Civil War era in The Demon of Unrest. With Abraham Lincoln and a host of other historical figures at its centre, caught between a pivotal election and the start of the war, this book is sure to be a page-turner.


The thirteenth instalment in Chris Carter’s series Robert Hunter has made an impact typical of the author’s popular thrillers, debuting in the WHSmith Top 100 Books list in June. Detective Hunter and his partner, Carlos Garcia, know there’s a serial killer roaming in Los Angeles, but with all of the murders being disguised as accidental deaths, it’s nearly impossible to find any evidence. The Death Watcher is a classic thriller featuring a fan-favourite detective, a multilayer mystery and a race against time that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

It’s clearly a great time to be a fan of thriller novels – prolific author John Grisham’s latest release, Camino Ghosts, continues the story of the prior Camino Island novels, following a duo of writers as they uncover mysteries in their sleepy Florida town. On the small island of Dark Isle, a legal battle breaks out between developers wanting to purchase the land for a resort and an old woman who claims to be the sole proprietor and heir to the island. She recounts a tangled and mysterious history of the isle and her ancestors and she’s going to need help if she wants to rightfully claim the land as hers. With everything from courtroom drama to voodoo magic, Camino Ghosts lives up to the promise of the prior Camino books.


Emma Cline’s novel The Guest has been named Waterstones Thriller of the Month. The novel follows a young woman called Alex, a drifter who is staying with the rich older man she has been seeing. Things take a turn though after a dinner party, where she is spurned by her older lover and sent to pack her bags. Alex decides, however, that she isn’t quite ready to leave. Instead, she weaves her way into the lives of the other wealthy residents and leaves destruction in her wake, but how long can she continue before being found out?

Another book making its mark in the charts is Tristan Gooley’s non-fiction book How to Read a Tree. Summer calls for walks and picnics in the grass, but have you noticed the trees around you? No tree appears identical and Gooley describes how each tree reveals secrets about its life and the landscape it has made its home in. In How to Read a Tree, Gooley tells us what clues to look for to “read” the history of a tree, clues that otherwise remain invisible to most. With over two decades worth of experience in reading trees, Tristan Gooley shares his knowledge with those interested in ecology or anyone looking to learn about the world around them.

Social Media

Any new release from Stephen King is bound to generate buzz and You Like It Darker is no exception. The collection of twelve short stories will captivate both fans of the esteemed horror author and newcomers to his work. These stories travel across the world and explore a variety of themes surrounding fate, luck and the unknown. King is known for writing short stories that are just as captivating as novels, so why not give this collection a try?

For those who prefer fantasy, the debut novel from Scottish author Gareth Brown, The Book of Doors, has garnered quite the fan base since its February release and continues to be discussed on BookTok and Bookstagram. When a bookseller witnesses a death in her shop, it should be a moment that traumatises her, but rather it sends her on an epic quest that reveals the mysterious people and places of New York City.

Noteworthy Author

This issue’s noteworthy author is Coco Mellors for her fantastic new release Blue Sisters. Flying off the shelves across a number of bookstores, Mellors’ second novel is an instant sensation. Following in the footsteps of her debut success, Cleopatra and Frankenstein, Coco Mellors’ new novel has captivated the hearts of many. An exploration of the ties between family, grief, love and addiction, Blue Sisters will break you into hundreds of little pieces only to stitch you back together again.



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