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Shuffling of the Shelves: March Part One

By Amber Alexander, Anais Aguilera, Katie Norris and Sophie Poirier

With the first day of spring rapidly approaching, it’s time to refresh your bookshelves with these best-selling books.


Diana Wilkinson’s latest psychological thriller, The Girl in Seat 2A, quickly became a Top 10 Amazon bestseller after its January release. When Jade Wiltshire unexpectedly comes into a life-changing amount of money, she starts enjoying new luxuries, such as booking all three seats of Row 2 on every flight she takes. Jade loves her lavish lifestyle, but when she meets a mysterious millionaire on a trip to Marbella, her glamorous holiday takes a turn.

Another January release experiencing rapid success is Amanda Prowse’s Very Very Lucky. When recently widowed Thurston crashes into Emma’s bustling, busy life, it seems like the pair couldn’t be any more different. But an unlikely friendship begins to form as the two bond over their experiences with grief, and Emma and Thurston learn that love is truly all around us.


Before watching the Netflix series, read David Nicholls’ bestselling novel, One Day, this month. Follow Emma and Dexter’s fluctuating relationship as they navigate the expectations they put on themselves the day after their university graduation on July 15. Throughout the novel, readers will experience July 15 each year up until the on-again, off-again couple reaches the age of 40. Nicholls provides his readers with a theme of deep self-reflection and unpredictability about relationships and life itself. 

Kate Morton’s novel, Homecoming, follows Jess, a journalist in search of a story to make ends meet, as she stumbles upon a true crime book that will change the trajectory of her life. The event of the Turner Family Tragedy in 1959 is an unsolved murder mystery that Jess discovers has connections with her own family. Jess’s inquiry into what happened touches on themes of motherhood and belonging that you won’t want to miss.


Eleanor Catton’s gripping psychological thriller, Birnam Wood, is a novel you must read. Guerilla gardening group Birnam Wood has their eye on an abandoned farm, but once American billionaire Robert Lemoine takes an interest in using it for his end-of-the-world bunker, the group begins to run into problems. However, Lemoine takes a liking to Mira, the founder of Birnam, as well as the group, discovering that they may have enemies in common in the political world. As everyone’s ideologies are tested, will they be able to trust each other? Can Birnam Wood trust Robert Lemoine?

In Steeple Chasing: Around Britain by Church, Peter Ross sets out to tell the stories of the churches around us - the architectural wonders of the British buildings. This is done while simultaneously telling a story about Britain. Ross’s non-fiction book is a must-read if you are interested in British churches and social history.

Social Media

Popular on TikTok at the moment is Nell Frizzel’s book The Panic Years. Aimed at women who are past adolescence but not quite established in middle-aged security, The Panic Years addresses the turbulent twenties and thirties, acknowledging the difficulty women face in making decisions with a constant ticking clock in their periphery. Simultaneously enlightening and comforting, Frizzel’s book invites us all to create open conversations during what can be a lonely and stressful period of life. 

Having experienced great popularity with the release of The Love Hypothesis, Ali Hazelwood’s new release, Check & Mate, is also gaining a lot of traction on social media. Another swoon-worthy slice of romance, Check & Mate tells the story of two chess lovers who go face-to-face. Mallory, as one final goodbye to the game that destroyed her family, and Nolan, who doesn’t know what it is to lose. Can Mallory step away from the game once and for all, or does it now offer a new kind of addiction? 

Noteworthy Author

Cristina Henríquez is an American author whose work explores Latin American culture, generational bonds and more. She was awarded the Alfredo Cisneros Del Moral Foundation Award and was featured on NPR radio. Her novel, The Book of Unknown Americans, was a ‘New York Times’ Notable Book of 2014. Her writing is featured in publications like The AtlanticThe New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal.

The Great Divide, Henríquez’s newest novel, was named a most anticipated book by The Washington Post and is already living up to the designation following its release on March 5. Set against the backdrop of the Panama Canal’s construction, the story uncovers the hidden characters that helped build history. As the characters’ lives intersect, they forge connections to one another amidst their sacrifices. Cristina Henríquez makes a name for herself with stories that elegantly weave together perspectives to create sweeping narratives that will be loved for generations to come.



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