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Spotlight on Travel Bookshops

By Megan Burroughs and Holly Presswell

It’s that time of year when everyone is planning their next big holiday or boarding a flight to Australia for their gap year. Where else is better to get inspiration for these trips than from some of the best travel shops in the UK? 

Daunt Books 

With nine shops across the UK, Daunt Books started its journey by specialising in travel books. In 2010, they added their publishing imprint dedicated to publishing works by authors worldwide. 

Their enormous stock of travel books is organised by country, making browsing more accessible for that next adventure. These countries include Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Polar regions and many more. Daunt Books has everything you need to cover the details of your holiday, from travel guides, maps and hotel guides to phrasebooks and travel writing. Even if you’re not planning a trip soon, this bookshop is perfect for getting lost in beaches and cities across the world. 


Established in 1853, Stanfords bookshop is located in London and Bristol. They are the world’s largest map and travel book retailer, boasting an extensive stock sourced by experts from all over the globe. Stanfords has always been in the history books and has had many famous faces visit over the years, including Florence Nightingale, Sherlock Holmes and Ernest Shackleton! 

Stanfords has the most incredible globe collection of all sizes and an impressive variety of maps located upstairs to keep you entertained for hours on end. They also stock travel accessories such as bags, first aid kits and compasses – perfect for every trip.

The Travel Book Company 

The Travel Book Company was founded by two travel lovers with a vision to help everyone achieve their travel dreams and “get lost” in the world. The shop in Dorset offers a comprehensive selection of books covering every country, including travel guides, maps and atlases. In addition, the shop often hosts events such as author talks featuring experienced travellers from around the world. 

Over the many years of travelling the founders have accumulated together, they have seen the best and worst of the world. Using the profits from their sales, they support a range of community and conservation initiatives in Tanzania, helping to change the world.  

Glacier Books

Located a bit further out in Scotland, Glacier Books is an unconventional, small bookshop specialising in mountaineering, mountain travel and polar exploration. The shop was founded by Chris Bartle in 1998 and has gained recognition among book specialists worldwide. Boasting a catalogue of over 20,000 books covering both old and modern travel guides alongside Arctic expeditions, visitors are sure to find inspiration for their next journey. Glacier Books also provides a subscription service with free monthly updates and catalogues. Although the shop is further up in northern Scotland, you can use the website to search for and order books online for easier accessibility. Chris Bartle kindly asks that visitors call ahead before planning a visit!

Treasure Chest Books

In the coastal town of Felixstowe is Martin and Helen Bott’s Treasure Chest Books. Selling titles both online and in-store, they have specialised in second-hand transport and related books since 1997. They pride themselves on housing titles that cannot be found in their online shop, with a range of 50p and antique books to browse through in the five rooms of their shop. Treasure Chest Books has garnered much attention from across the UK, whilst Martin and Helen continue to travel around to further their ever-growing stock. You can even follow their documented journey online. Whilst you’re on your travel and transport search, take some time to browse through the other genres that they supply – you don’t want to miss out on any hidden gems!

The Big Chains!

Nearly all of your favourite big bookshops will stock a plethora of travel guides, maps and any further information you need for your travels. Waterstones, Foyles, WHSmith or your local bookshop may be more accessible to you both online and in person, and you may even find a few bits and bobs that could prove helpful on your journey! Head on in and search for the travel section, or ask an in-store expert for any suggestions. No matter where you are in the UK, you’ll find a wealth of travel literature to prepare and inspire you for your upcoming adventure.

Whilst you’re on your trip away from the UK, don’t forget to check out and support local bookshops wherever you are. Take a peek at their stock or speak to the owners for suggestions – nobody knows the secrets better than they do!



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