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Springtime Reads: Books to Get You Excited About Better Weather

By Lauren Jones, Zoe Doyle and Amy Wright

Now that spring is here, we can look forward to the longer and warmer days that this season promises. The weather should be getting better, which means reading outside will become more of a possibility. It is also the perfect time to try something new, fresh and uplifting as we head further away from winter and closer to blue skies and sunshine. We recommend three reads that will get you excited about the approaching change in atmosphere; they celebrate the outdoors, offer light-hearted escapism and embrace a sunnier setting. Here are our top picks for your spring reading list.

Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

Although widely considered a children’s book, Anne of Green Gables is a classic that we would recommend to readers of all ages. After spending a childhood in various orphanages and strange people’s homes, eleven-year-old Anne arrives in Avonlea hoping for permanence at last. Then, she discovers that siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert wanted to adopt a strong boy to help around the farm – not a wiry, red-headed girl with a fiery temper. Despite not fitting the bill of who the Cuthberts were searching for initially, Anne finds a place in their family and a loving home in Green Gables.

A whimsical and fanciful character, Anne has a wild imagination and a love for bombastic, flowery words. Her desire to see the beauty in everything paints rich descriptions of scenery and nature, which makes this book a perfect escape from the final dregs of winter and helps us to get ready for the possibilities that spring and summer may bring.

Anne of Green Gables is simply a really joyful, light-hearted read – a wonderful companion for this seasonal transition! We hope that Anne’s determination to see the good in everything inspires you to appreciate all the happiness this budding world has to offer.

Flowerheart by Catherine Bakewell

Cosy fantasy has become an increasingly popular subgenre, but have you heard of cottagecore fantasy? Flowerheart is saturated with magic, flowers, casually queer characters and mental health representation.

Clara possesses powerful, unpredictable magic that has always been difficult to control. After accidentally causing a poisonous flower to bloom in her father’s chest, she determines to find a cure, teaming up with her former best friend, Xavier, who has changed over the years from a sweet child to a distant young man. As Clara hunts for the cure, she soon realises that he is hiding secrets and that a terrible darkness is seeping throughout the queendom.

While it has an escapist and light-hearted tone, Flowerheart also weaves in important conversations about mental health through Clara’s struggles with her magic. It’s a book about family, love and finding the strength to embrace yourself as you are. Those who love charming and whimsical stories like Howl’s Moving Castle will definitely enjoy this read and, if that doesn’t convince you, check out how stunning the cover is – it just screams springtime!

Bright Girls by Clare Chambers

If you have read books by Clare Chambers before, you will be familiar with her well-written, interesting characters and the cleverness of her engaging storylines. Bright Girls is no exception. Fifteen-year-old Robyn and her older sister Rachel travel from their home in Oxford to stay with their eccentric Aunt Jackie in Brighton for the summer. Their widowed father needs them to stay away from home for their own safety, for reasons that become apparent as the story progresses.

Staying with Aunt Jackie is never boring. The story follows Robyn as she experiences an exciting and unforgettable summer, and you will grow to love her as a narrator. Her storytelling is filled with humour and charm, and whilst there is a certain competitiveness and rivalry between the very different Robyn and Rachel, they undoubtedly hold a great deal of sisterly love for each other.

If you’re looking for an uplifting and witty book to cheer you up, Bright Girls is the perfect feel-good spring read. You are likely to want to pick this book up again and again, and the summery Brighton will definitely make you dream of future holidays, spending more time outdoors and the better weather to come.



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