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Summer Sunshine: Our Summer listens

By Rose Cook, Cameron Phillips, Kathryn Alley and Nathasya G

As the sun is starting to come out and summer is almost here, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite summer audiobooks, perfect for listening to on a road trip or by the beach.

Rose’s Pick: Every Summer After by Carley Fortune, narrated by A. J. Bridel

I love nothing more than a romance to pass the time on those hot summer days, and Every Summer After is the perfect romantic listen.

Every Summer After tells the story of thirteen-year-old Persephone, who spends every summer at her family’s lake house. She meets the Florek brothers, two local boys, and immediately begins a friendship with the younger brother, Sam. Over the course of six summers, their relationship gets stronger, eventually developing into something deeper. But then one summer it all falls apart. Fourteen years later, Percy returns to the lake, where she has to confront her past decisions and see Sam face to face.

The ultimate love story, with tropes including friends-to-lovers and second-chance love, it’s the perfect listen for romance fans. Carley Fortune creates a dreamy setting which encapsulates the magic and romance of summer, whilst A. J. Bridel’s narration brings Percy’s sweet, and sometimes messy, character to life. Every Summer After is the perfect romantic listen for this summer.

Nathasya’s Pick: Thank You for Listening by Julia Whelan, narrated by Julia Whelan

Summer, to me, means walking in the park accompanied by audiobooks. If I had to pick one book this summer, I would choose Thank You for Listening by Julia Whelan.

Thank You for Listening follows the story of a former actress turned audiobook narrator Sewanee, who, after a horrible accident, becomes jaded in her view of love. One day, she goes to a book convention in Las Vegas and meets a charming stranger. Upon returning home, Sewanee receives an offer to narrate the world-beloved romance author’s last novel with Brock McKnight, the hottest and most secretive voice in romance audiobooks. While working on the book, Sewanee and Brock build a very real connection despite the anonymity. Slowly, she starts to believe in dreams and love again, but as secrets are revealed, Sewanee has to decide if she wants to risk everything for the desires she chose to bury. 

Julia Whelan’s narration really brings the story to life with the many voices she uses for different characters. Thank You for Listening is a book that every audiobook lover should try, as it also gives you a peek into the industry. Truly a great summer companion.

Cameron’s Pick: All-Night Pharmacy by Ruth Madievsky, narrated by Moniqua Plante

Every now and then I do love a bit of sleaze and All-Night Pharmacy delivers that in abundance, almost to the ridiculous. The unnamed narrator crawls from moment to precarious moment alongside her sister, Debbie, who is a walking psychedelic. At the heart of this book are the tenants of a dysfunctional family. Madievsky’s Los Angeles is spooky, sexy and disturbing but bright and vibrant. Under the surface of the addiction and destruction is the generational trauma the family continues to endure. Amidst the chaos, we are invited to consider the most existential questions we often ward away.

Madievsky’s varied and vague style marries with LA’s fractured cityscape and the protagonist, in an effort to untether herself from her past life, faces tough choices along the way and at the end. Plante’s narration pairs well with the prose, stringing together the myriad of sparse, introspective notions with clarity and linearity. I was recommended this by a friend and was ambivalent about coming into it, but I found myself absolutely loving it. 

Kathryn’s Pick: One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle, narrated by Lauren Graham

One of my favourite parts about warmer weather is that I can take long walks in the park and listen to a cosy summer audiobook. The moment I began One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle and narrated by Lauren Graham, I knew I had found the heart-warming, quintessential summer listen I crave every season. The novel follows Katy, a young woman mourning the loss of her mother, as she embarks on a trip to Positano. 

One Italian Summer is a feel-good experience, blending themes of love, loss and self-discovery. The story illustrates how the people we love never truly leave us and continue to influence our lives forever. However, the highlight of the audiobook is easily Graham’s narration, infusing the story with warmth. Similar to an episode of the Gilmore Girls, Graham captures the emotional nuances of Katy’s journey, making you feel every moment of her grief and healing. Her performance brings each character to life and enhances the charm of One Italian Summer as a must-listen for the season.



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