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The University of the Arts London: Connectivity & Collaboration Online Event

By Conor Hodges, Georgia Appleyard and Olivia Ek

The University of The Arts London’s MA Publishing class will hold a free online event titled Connectivity and Collaboration on 27 April. Running 6:00–9:00 p.m, the event aims to open up a discussion about inclusivity and global innovation within publishing, as well as the exciting opportunities presented by digital technology. The event will feature four twenty-minute speeches by industry professionals, followed by an hour-long discussion with a panel of five experts, with a chance to have your questions answered.

The Speakers

Chris Wold - whitefox

Experienced working in big publishers like HarperCollins and indie publishers alike, Chris Wold will be talking about large versus small independent publishing. Chris is currently Sales and Business Development Director at whitefox.

TJ Sidhu - The Face magazine

Junior Editor at The Face magazine, TJ Sidhu will talk about the evolution of print to digital magazines. He has previously worked for LOVE magazine and has been a freelance writer for DAZED magazine.

Natalia Silberleib - Un Libro Es Un Libro

Founder of Un Libro Es Un Libro, Natalia Silberleib has held many seminars and workshops about editorial practices. Taking an artistic approach to the topic, she will discuss visual arts, cultural studies and the history of books.

Ellie Morley - Penguin Random House

Ellie Morley is a Digital Marketing Manager at Penguin’s Michael Joseph imprint, and will be discussing how to market books in the digital age.

The Panellists

Jasmine Richards - STORYMIX

Jasmine Richards is the founder of the studio STORYMIX, and will share her thoughts on inclusivity in the publishing industry. She was a 2020 Bookseller Rising Star and champions new voices in the industry.

Elizabeth Briggs - Saqi Books

Elizabeth Briggs is the Editorial Director for Saqi Books, and will enrich the discussion about publishing diverse voices.

Paula Guerra Arjona - Lazo Libros

Specialising in children’s and youth literature, Paula Guerra Arjona will be focusing on book design. Paula founded Lazo Libros with a strong belief in the power of illustrations.

Cat Mitchell - University of Derby

Cat Mitchell is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Derby, and will be discussing her research on disability inclusivity in the publishing industry. She has previously worked in marketing and publicity at Penguin Random House.

Zaahida Nabagereka - Penguin Random House

Zaahida Nabagereka will draw from her experience as Head of Social Impact at Penguin Random House to discuss how to improve inclusivity and diversity in the industry.

This unique and exciting event will spark conversations, spotlight personal experiences and delve into important topics like diversity and digitisation. You can find more information on the event and the speakers here.

Book your free place here.

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Jun 21

By leveraging digital platforms for visual collaboration, this event brings together diverse perspectives and expertise, enriching dialogue and knowledge exchange. It's a testament to how technology can bridge gaps and inspire meaningful connections in the academic and creative realms, shaping future collaborations and initiatives.

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