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Upcoming Publishing Events (14 February to 27 February)

By Isobel Edmondson, Fernanda de Madariaga, Erin Taylor and Sofia Martinez Alvarez

Sorry for the Inconvenience – A Submitter's Guide to Lit Mags, Write or Die 101

5–29 February


Write or Die magazine and Chill Subs have collaborated to create a monthly workshop, dubbed Write or Die 101, in what the magazine is calling “an educational experiment for writers.” Beginning February 2024, Write or Die 101 is offering two weeks of free virtual workshops to subscribers, featuring tailored instruction by industry experts on a different topic each month. For its launch, Write or Die 101’s first workshop will be led by Benjamin Davis, one of the co-creators of Chill Subs, about the ins and outs of submitting to literary magazines. This is a great opportunity for writers looking to learn more about the publishing industry in a cost-accessible way. To get more information about this repeating online event and to browse future course topics, click here.

An Evening with Paul C. Brunson

14 February, 6:30 p.m.

Waterstones Piccadilly, London

Enjoy an enriching Valentine’s by joining Paul C. Brunson in Waterstones to discuss the topic of the day: love. Brunson is a relationship expert, co-hosting Celebs Go Dating and Married At First Sight UK. He has taken his romantic expertise to the literature world, releasing Find Love. This book navigates modern relationships, from speed to online dating, attachment styles and even ideal matchmaking. It is as relevant to today’s romantic scene as it is useful in managing one’s own needs and emotions. Join the event and get relationship and romantic advice from Brunson. Depending on the ticket option, it will come with a copy of Find Love. For more information and tickets for the event, click here.

Book Launch: Sunbringer by Hannah Kaner

15 February, 7:30 p.m.

Topping & Company Booksellers, Greenside Church, Edinburgh

Join Hannah Kaner in celebrating the publication of Sunbringer, the highly anticipated fantasy sequel to her instant number one Sunday Times bestseller Godkiller. Kaner made her fantasy debut with Godkiller in 2023, thrilling readers with her bisexual, god-slaying protagonist Kissen, who must team up with a disillusioned knight in order to make it to the ruined city of Blenraden and beseech the last of their wild gods for a favour. Action-packed and full of twists, Sunbringer promises to ramp up the stakes for Kissen and her found family tenfold. Don’t miss this exciting launch event with the author of The Fallen Gods trilogy. Tickets can be purchased on the Topping & Company website here.

How to Hook an Agent

17 February, 9:15 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.

Bloomsbury Publishing, London

Are you writing a book and hope to get it published someday? Maybe you’ve finished a manuscript or perhaps you are just curious about agent–writer relations in the publishing industry. This is the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into that goldmine of knowledge. There are an array of rumours, stories and opinions on how to gain an agent’s interest, but this event endeavours to clear the air and will likely spark a few lightbulb moments.

Bloomsbury is home to authors including Margaret Atwood, Kamila Shamsie, Benjamin Myers and Sarah J. Maas. Could you be next? This exciting panel of agent-speakers will help you craft your pitch and offer a world of advice to accelerate your process. To see the schedule, the speakers and more information on how to attend, click here. 

Audio Boom – What’s Happening in the Expanding World of Audiobooks and Podcasts? 

20 February, 6:30–9:00 p.m.

Century Club, Soho, London

This February, Byte The Book and Century Club are hosting an exciting panel of industry experts who will be discussing all things audio. Are you a fan of audiobooks? Do you love podcasts? If you want to learn more about developments in audio publishing or have ever wondered how audiobooks are produced and marketed, this event will explore everything from the marvels of immersive storytelling to how new trends and innovations are evolving in the audio industry. The panellists have an impressive array of experience in producing, marketing, licensing and even founding platforms in the audio world. Speakers include: Kelli Fairbrother, founder and CEO of subscription-free audiobook platform xigxag; Kris Dyer, Creative Director of Rakkit Productions who produce podcasts and audiobooks for the BBC, Bloomsbury and Penguin Random House; Katie Street, founder of Street Agency and host of Marketing in the Madness podcast; as well as Spotify’s Associate Director of Audiobook Partnerships and Licensing, Duncan Bruce. For more information on tickets or to book, click here.



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