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Upcoming Publishing Events (20 June–3 July)

By Fernanda de Madariaga 

Join us this June for a journey filled with engaging conversations, clubs, life-changing talks and exciting events designed to bring our literary community together!

Jennifer Saint and Bea Fitzgerald in Conversation

Thursday 20 June, 18:30, at Waterstones – Nottingham

Waterstones will welcome Jennifer Saint and Bea Fitzgerald with open arms as they celebrate the release of their latest novels, Hera and Girl, Goddess, Queen. The former is a mythological fiction story that follows Hera, daughter of Titan Cronos, as she collaborates with her brother, Zeus, to overthrow their father. However, Zeus soon proves to be more similar to their father than Hera expected. Driven by a desire to rule, Hera must decide whether to allow Zeus to continue his reign of tyranny or to take matters into her own hands. This fresh depiction of a character historically condemned as a jealous wife or wicked stepmother makes Hera a compelling read, and the prospect of meeting Jennifer Saint adds an extra layer of excitement to this event. Girl, Goddess, Queen also narrates the story of an ancient character, Persephone. The novel demystifies her tragic tale of being thrown into hell to marry Hades. Instead, Persephone takes control of her fate by jumping into hell to win Hades’ support and bring Olympus crumbling down. Saint and Fitzgerald will discuss their novels, answer your questions and offer book signings, all of which are included in the ticket price. For more information and to buy tickets for the event, click here.

Oxford Literary Fiction Book Club

Tuesday 25 June, 18:00, at Waterstones – Oxford

This Tuesday evening, the Oxford Literary Book Club invites you to join them for a coffee and chat amongst fellow book enthusiasts. The club will be discussing The Wren, The Wren by Anne Enright. This novel narrates the enduring legacy of the fictional poet Phil McDaragh, whose abandonment of his ill wife and two daughters casts a shadow of suffering and pain over three generations. The book depicts the mysteries of family, the sufferings inflicted by those we love and the impact of McDaragh’s decisions on his family’s life. It reveals important life lessons, making the story an interesting journey to follow and, best of all, a fascinating read to discuss with a community of book lovers! For more information and to purchase tickets for the event, click here.

Making Menopause Matter with Diane Danzebrink

Friday 28 June, 19:00, at Waterstones – Norwich, Castle Street

Waterstones will host a much-needed event for women who have experienced or will experience the inevitable phase of menopause. Renowned expert Diane Danzebrink, a leading advocate for prioritising menopause in the public sphere, will be delving into her latest release, Making Menopause Matter. In this book, Diane discusses the intricacies of menopause, along with life, relationships, work and the self. On top of this, Diane will provide invaluable advice on how to deal with this stage of womanhood. The event will feature Diane sharing her personal journey, addressing audience questions and offering professional guidance to alleviate any fears or doubts. For more information and to buy tickets for the event, click here.

Historical Romantasy Panel: Sophie Keetch, Poppy Kuroki and Gabby Hutchinson Crouch in Conversation

Tuesday 2 July, 19:00, at Waterstones – London, Trafalgar Square

Waterstones will welcome Sophie Keetch, Poppy Kuroki and Gabby Hutchinson Crouch for an evening of conversation centred on their recent releases, which all encompass the theme of historical romantasy. The books featured will be Morgan Is My Name, Gate to Kagoshima and Cursed Under London. The first novel follows Morgan, the youngest of princesses in her realm, as she deals with the murderer of her father, who forces her mother into marriage and reigns the kingdom under brute force. The second book presents Isla, who, while researching her Japanese ancestors, is swept by a typhoon that transports her back to 1877 during the Satsuma Rebellion. Here, she will have to summon her strength and courage to face her ancestors, possibly finding unexpected love along the way, too. Last but not least, Cursed by London narrates the story of two men who are bound together by a curse and must find their way through the streets of Elizabethan London to break the spell, all the while trying not to fall in love. For more information and to purchase tickets for the event, click here.



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