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Upcoming Releases We’re Excited For!

By Aimee Haldron, Laura Jones, Michaela O’Callaghan and Joanne Boustead

Like everyone else, we feel like this year has gone by in the blink of an eye. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward to (especially when we’ll blink again and it’ll suddenly be Christmas). Here, we’re highlighting some upcoming releases that we can’t wait for.

Stay Another Day by Juno Dawson

One upcoming release we’re excited for is Stay Another Day by Juno Dawson. Due to be published by Quercus on 14 October, this looks to be a perfect book to curl up with this holiday season. Stay Another Day follows siblings Fern, Rowan and Willow McAllister as they all head home to Edinburgh for a Christmas family reunion, but secrets threaten to ruin their cosy family holiday. Juno is known for her gritty YA (Young Adult) books so we can’t wait to see how she’ll weave her usual hard-hitting themes with the wonder and excitement of Christmas.

The Ember Days by Rose Edwards

A much-anticipated sequel to Edwards’ The Harm Tree, The Ember Days will be published on 7 October by UCLan Publishing. Following their separation and individual battles in book one, we return to Torny and Ebba as they face exile from their home and are left reeling from the events of the war-ravaged land and historical divide. With fear lingering, Torny and Ebba must unite to battle the darkness and betrayal of the past whilst new threats emerge. The Ember Days promises to be another epic adventure in the series with twists and turns taking our strong, female protagonists on harrowing journeys where they must face the unspeakable in order to ensure their survival. An absolute must-read for the YA audience.

The Undying Tower by Melissa Welliver

Described as “the first in a daring dystopian trilogy,” book one of The Undying Tower looks set to take the YA world by storm this autumn when the paperback version is released on 7 October by Agora Books. It promises to be a dark, disconcerting tale of life and death, and right and wrong, as sixteen-year-old Sadie finds herself locked in The Tower – a “correctional facility” – battling to not only save her own life, but the lives of others before catastrophe strikes. Welliver has created a striking debut, from its visually stunning cover to the lingering sense of mystery and foreboding, and I can’t wait to see what a visit to the Avalonia Zone has in store.

If you can’t wait to get started, The Undying Tower is available to order as an eBook now.

Following Frankenstein by Catherine Bruton

When a book is described by the publisher asFrankenstein meets The Greatest Showman via Mark Twain,” you know it’s going to be good! Following Frankenstein will be coming to bookshops on 7 October, published by Nosy Crow and taking readers on a journey from the icy Arctic, to the frivolity of the New York circus. It tells the story of Maggie Walton as she follows her father on his endless quest to track down Frankenstein’s monster. Much to their surprise, in the depths of the Arctic wilderness, they find a boy – the monster’s son! Together, Maggie and the monster’s son set off on their own adventure, chasing their own dreams, while simultaneously falling victim to unbearable cruelty and evil. A magical tale to head into late autumn with, this adventure is perfect for nine to twelve-year-olds.

Swarm Rising by Tim Peake and Steve Cole

We cannot wait to get our hands on Swarm Rising by astronaut Tim Peake and Steve Cole, well-known author of the Astrosaurs series. There is no better pair to deliver a middle grade sci-fi adventure series! Swarm Rising is all about the Swarm, a supposedly altruistic alien hive which tries to protect the Earth from the environmental destruction caused by the human race. However, not all is as it seems, and Danny and his best friend Jamila must work together to save the Earth. Swarm Rising, published by Hachette and released on 30 September, is perfect for fans of Doctor Who and Artemis Fowl.

Vespertine by Margaret Rogerson

Fans of Cassandra Clare and Leigh Bardugo will love Vespertine, an upcoming YA fantasy that follows Artemisia, a girl once possessed by a violent spirit. Artemisia is a Gray Sister, a nun who cleanses the bodies of the dead so their souls can pass on. When her convent is attacked by possessed soldiers, Artemisia awakens an ancient spirit that is bound to a high relic. With the spirit tormenting her, she learns that only a vespertine – a priestess trained to wield a high relic – can stop death from coming to her home of Loraille. Vespertine is published by Simon & Schuster and will be released on 5 October.



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