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CV and Cover Letter Feedback from our Founder

Having been involved in the industry for a number of years now, I have seen a huge number of applications. I have also been involved in recruiting for two entry level positions, at both application and interview stage. 

I have also been offering free support to publishing hopefuls in the form of The Publishing Post for over four years. The magazine hosts a number of articles which detail tips and tricks for your CVs and cover letters. The feedback below is a personalised service which provides you with comments for improvement and suggestions for your current CV and cover letter, be this with a specific job application in mind, or a more general evaluation. 

Moving forward this will be a paid-for service. It will be £20 for a detailed response on both a CV and cover letter, with responses within 14 days - though usually much sooner if an application window is closing. 

To purchase, click the button below to make payment and then send your CV and Cover Letter documents (in word document form) to with the subject 'Feedback', and I will respond to confirm receipt within 2 working days. 

Chelsea x

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