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Anticipated Reads

By Genevieve Bernard, Georgia Wells, Alfie Kimmins, Sarah Ernestine, Ellie Gibbs and Meg Jones

All We Left Unsaid by Natalie K Martin

1 November, Lake Union Publishing

Two sisters, an unbreakable bond and a secret that will shatter their world. All We Left Unsaid is an entrancing novel of love, betrayal and family loyalty.

Jess and Ivy are two sisters who mean the world to each other, they share everything from the flat they live in to a love of romcoms, they are the perfect balance and complement each other’s personalities. Whilst Jess is calm and collected, Ivy is wild and yearning for adventure, yet down to their cores they love one another fiercely. Nothing could tear that apart … or could it?

One thing the sisters can’t share is Ivy’s friend Finn and when Jess falls for him trouble ensues. A betrayal that cuts so deep and arguments with things that can’t be unsaid leave the sisters growing further and further apart. Years later Jess receives a phone call that will change everything. She must now put herself in Ivy’s wild shoes and discover what truly happened to her sister, asking herself the questions she’s avoided for so long; Is it ever too late to say you’re sorry? This brilliant novel from Martin is one of those books you’ll struggle to put down and is the perfect read to settle down with as the nights draw in this autumn.

Parting the Veil by Paulette Kennedy

1 November, Lake Union Publishing

The end of October does not mean the end of horror stories. Kennedy’s new release Parting the Veil tells the classic haunted house tale combined with sultry gothic romance.

As American heiress Eliza Sullivan inherits the estate of her late aunt, she leaves behind her grief-stricken past in New Orleans to be replaced with the ease of rural England. Upon her arrival, Eliza feels drawn to the mysterious Malcom Winfield, the lord of Havenwood. But when word reaches Eliza that Malcom may not be the man she thought he was, she only feels more passionate about wanting to repair this broken man and his crumbling mansion.

As they settle into marriage, Eliza begins to fear that the rumours held some truth. With forbidden rooms, eerie sounds lurking in the shadows and servants hesitant to say too much, she begins to realise that neither the man nor his home are what she believed them to be. As Eliza delves deeper into Malcom’s disturbing past, her fears that she may be married to a monster intensify. This gothic tale is the perfect novel for those that don’t want the Halloween season to end just yet.

Learwife by J. R. Thorp

4 November, Canongate

For fans of feminist retellings such as Maggie O’Farrell’s Hamnet, Pat Barker’s Silence of the Girls and Jennifer Saint’s Ariadne, J.R. Thorp takes inspiration from Shakespeare’s King Lear to craft their debut novel Learwife. In-keeping with the man himself, the prose is lyrical and poetic. If you’re a Shakespeare fan, or if you’ve wanted to give Shakespeare a try but found it too intimidating – this may be your answer.

The novel follows Lear’s Queen after the King’s death, and the loss of their three daughters in battle. As the last familial survivor, the Queen is grief-stricken and furious. Forgotten from history after being banished to a nunnery, she can now tell her story. The woman whose name has been forgotten by history knows very little about her own. Why was she sent away in shame and disgrace? What happened to her oldest friend and ally? What will become of her now? She must come to terms with her past and make a terrible choice which will not only change her whole destiny, but that of the entire abbey. Learwife is a story of grief, regeneration and how the past is always influencing the present.

The Reckless Kind by Carly Heath

9 November, ‎ Soho Teen

This autumn, Carly Heath steps into the literary scene with a beautiful, genre-challenging debut YA novel, The Reckless Kind. This piece of historical fiction follows the story of three young people growing up on a coastal Norwegian island in 1904. Asta Hedstrom refuses to be confined to the domestic life her parents have planned for her. She escapes to the mountains, living in a cabin with her best friend Gunnar and his secret boyfriend. The three work together for the right to pave their own futures, determined to win the village’s annual horse race, no matter the cost.

Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Sophie Cousens

9 November, G.P. Putnam’s Sons

For anyone looking for a romantic read, Cousens’ latest novel is sure to tick all the boxes. Just Haven’t Met You Yet follows the story of Laura, who is taking a business trip to the Channel Islands. However, after landing at her hotel she realises she’s grabbed the wrong suitcase.

What follows next is akin to a scavenger hunt. Using some of the contents of the case – piano music, her favourite book, and a sweater – she tries to locate the suitcase’s mystery owner. Insert Ted, a grumpy cab driver, who she’s convinced to drive her around to help find who she believes is "the one." Will this be the love story that she’s dreamed of? Or will she have to rethink her approach to love?

Girls of Fate and Fury by Natasha Ngan

23 November, Hodder & Stoughton

In the stunning conclusion to the epic Girls of Paper and Fire series, Lei must attempt to reunite with the woman she loves. Failure will mean the pair are lost to each other forever. Girls of Paper and Fire follows Lei, a Paper Girl taken from her home to serve alongside eight other girls as the Demon King’s concubines. Whilst enduring training to impress her captor, Lei falls in love. The trilogy follows the journey that threatens to tear apart Lei’s world, whilst she desperately clings to her relationship. Girls of Fate and Fury brings Lei’s heart-wrenching story to a close.



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