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Anticipated Reads: Industry Favourites

By Sarah Ernestine and Meg Jones

The following books were recommended to The Publishing Post on Twitter by publishing professionals.

The Marvellous Granny Jinks and Me by Serena Holly

20 January, Simon & Schuster Children's UK

2022 is off to a great start with an exciting debut by children’s author Serena Holly, The Marvellous Granny Jinks and Me. This colourful and charismatic new picture book is illustrated by the talented Selom Sunu. The story follows the adventures of young Jada and Granny Jinks, as they delve into the world of magic. When Jada discovers a box of magic tricks at Granny Jinks’ home, she learns the story of her secretive past. Jada becomes determined to help Granny Jinks’ dream of becoming a magician come true. Will this dynamic duo be able to pull an invitation to join the Dalton Green Magic Society out of the hat? This clever book is based on the true story of Jenny Mayers, the first Black woman to be accepted into the Magic Circle, the world’s most famous magic society. The Marvellous Granny Jinks and Me is the perfect new read for all young readers aged six and up.

– Sarah

Love Marriage by Monica Ali

3 February, Virago Press

After a decade away, Monica Ali is back to take the literary world by storm with her new novel, Love Marriage. Her previous book, Brick Lane, was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. In Love Marriage, things are going well for Yasmin Ghorami. She has a blooming medical career and a dashing fiancé, Joe Sangster. As the wedding approaches, Yasmin’s plans begin to fall apart. She is forced to look at the lies and secrets of both families and ask herself what she truly wants out of her marriage and her life in London. The book looks at the complications of life and love and how two cultures can come together in a new way. Love Marriage is marketed as a “a story about who we are and how we love in today's Britain.”

– Sarah

Ayla by Santosh Shah

3 February, DK

Santosh Shah, finalist of MasterChef: The Professionals, has transported his flavours from the table and onto the page with his first cookbook, Ayla. Shah believes the flavours and recipes of Nepal have been overshadowed by the cuisine of countries such as India and China. Ayla is the perfect first step for both beginners and professionals in the kitchen to enjoy new flavours, expert pairings and unique dishes. Home cooks now have the opportunity to bring the food of Nepal from the Himalayan mountains to their own homes. The book contains sixty distinctive recipes, covering everything from soup to chutneys. Santosh Shah has paired his recipes with his own stories of his country, creating an immersive culinary experience. It is time to experience the taste of Nepal.

– Sarah

We Move by Gurnaik Johal

7 April, Serpent’s Tail

In this mesmerising debut short story collection, Gurnaik Johal narrates the lives of immigrant generations in Heathrow. In these interconnected tales, a grandmother and granddaughter attempt to communicate without a shared language, a relationship is fundamentally changed by a stranger and a university student reconnects with an estranged family friend. Past and present intermingle in a tour of a local neighbourhood, with Gujan’s baba showing his grandson what remains and what has been lost over time. In this evocative and moving portrayal of South Asian immigrants in West London, Gurnaik Johal champions the human connection and life’s greatest crossroads.

– Meg

A Scottish Wildlife Odyssey by Keith Broomfield

Publication date to be announced, Tippermuir Books

Shortlisted author for the Scottish National Book Awards and well-known nature writer, Keith Broomfield returns with his latest work, A Scottish Wildlife Odyssey: In Search of Scotland’s Wild Places. Broomfield’s passion for nature began at a young age and continued into his academic career, where he studied zoology. In A Scottish Wildlife Odyssey, Broomfield explores the wealth and diversity of wildlife native to Scotland. The book discusses a wide array of both flora and fauna, including geese, wildflowers and whales. The stories cover a five-month voyage across Scotland, from the lowest regions to the Northern Isles. When discussing the ancient forests of Strathspey, Broomfield shares: “This is what the dawn of time must have felt like, a mystical place where wolves and bears once roamed and where a thousand stories remain untold.” During a difficult year, A Scottish Wildlife Odyssey steps out as a beautiful, lyrical new nature book that will allow readers to experience the beauty of Scotland without ever leaving their homes.

– Sarah


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