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Banging Books

By Maisy Twaddle, Georgia Wells, Anna Robinson and Charlotte Barber

The Satsuma Complex by Bob Mortimer

27 October, Simon & Schuster

In his charming debut novel, Bob Mortimer brings to life the surreal and funny story of Gary as he goes on a quest to bring love and excitement into his life.

Gary Thorn is an unremarkable legal assistant in London when he goes for a pint with his colleague Brendan after work, but soon everything changes. He meets – and falls for – the girl of his dreams. Though he didn’t catch her name, he remembers her by the book she way reading, The Satsuma Complex. After Brendan goes missing, Gary knows that the girl, who he now calls Satsuma, will be able to help him find the answers and sets off on a mission to find her.

Written with Mortimer’s signature wit and whimsical storytelling, The Satsuma Complex is a delightful page-turning journey through the estates and pie shops of South London.

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing by Matthew Perry

1 November, Headline Publishing Group

Matthew Perry is best known for his role as Chandler Bing on the iconic American sitcom Friends: a witty, lovable goof, always there to provide comedic relief in the most tense of times. In his memoir, Perry tells his own story, writing about the highs and lows of life and delves deeper into his battle with addiction.

Perry tells the story of the relationships he built off-screen, with fellow cast members and people outside the show. He takes a candid, comedic approach to this reflection of his life as he reminisces about lovers come and gone.

He also dives deep into the story of his addiction, and the toll it took on him, both as an actor and as a person. He expresses the despair he felt as he struggled to remember times on set at the height of his addiction. But from this, he celebrates the life that he has made for himself since becoming clean and his excitement for the future.

It is an unflinching, unforgiving story of the pressures of fame, how Perry came to terms with his addiction, and those he loved and lost along the way. This is a memoir not only for fans of Friends, but also for those looking to read a tale of triumph that comes from overcoming such great struggles.

Dawnlands: A Novel by Philippa Gregory

8 November, Simon & Schuster

Following the success of Tidelands and Dark Tides comes another historical masterpiece by renowned historical author Philippa Gregory.

In 1685 England, the country is on the brink of a civil war against the Stuart kings and many families have been left divided. Power and loyalty is at the heart of England regal life and Alinor, a successful businesswoman, has been drawn into the murky world of Court.

Coaxed into saving Queen Mary from the upcoming siege, she cannot ignore the rewards that would face her. Alinor and her family could return to the Tidelands and she could rule once again.

Across the water, Ned is preparing to return to England, inspired by news of a rebellion. With his servant in tow, he aims to join the uprising against King James. With lives hanging in the balance and the survival of the Stuart lineage hanging on by a thread, only a dangerous gamble can save them.

A compelling and powerful story of political intrigue and chaos set across the globe, the story takes us back in time almost 500 years through the eyes of women fighting to survive in a patriarchal world. Historical events are interwoven with personal tragedies as the plight of women comes to the forefront in this first in a planned series.

Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn

8 November, Simon & Schuster Children’s UK

After infiltrating the Legendborn Order to uncover the secrets behind her mother’s death, Bree has discovered her ancestral power. And now that Nick, a Legendborn boy that Bree has fallen in love with, has been kidnapped she must rescue him.

But the ancient war between demons and the Order is becoming dangerous and Bree wants to fight, even if the Regents won’t let her. Bree is the living anchor for the spell that preserves the Legendborn Cycle, and for that she must be protected.

However, when the Regents show that they will go to any measure to hide the war, Bree and her friends decide to go on the run in order to have any chance at rescuing Nick.

Back with the much anticipated sequel to Legendborn, Tracy Deonn follows Bree as she fights with her own unpredictable powers, and with her complicated growing attraction to the mage sworn to protect Nick until death. Amongst all of this, Bree must learn to control her powers if she wants any chance of saving the people she loves.



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