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Can The Publishing Post help you to land a role? (spoiler, YES!)

Becka Binnie, Editorial Assistant at Princeton University Press: Aside from getting to keep up to date with the latest and important inclusive literature, the post has aided my writing skills and my understanding of deadlines and team collaboration. Building relevant skills and getting to show my passion for literature, writing for The Publishing Post no doubt boosted my CV!

Ellie Croston, Marketing and Publishing Assistant at Saraband: The creative and technical skills gained from typesetting for The Publishing Post helped me gain my first role in publishing. By developing my knowledge of the Adobe Suite through typesetting, I was able to stand out from other applicants. Being involved in a publishing related volunteer role also highlighted the passion I had for the publishing industry.

Aimee Haldron, Production Assistant at Macmillan Children’s Books: The Publishing Post has helped by being able to work with other like-minded individuals on topics that interest us all. It has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of children’s publishing as well as furthering my organisational and researching skills. Having this on my CV also showed my passion for wanting to be involved in the industry.

Mitch Collett, Design Assistant at Farshore: Having been a typesetter for The Publishing Post for over a year now, being able to practise my design skills on InDesign on a fortnightly basis has allowed me to constantly develop my abilities. Each issue, I try and give myself a new challenge to overcome within InDesign, such as the pen tool and gradient backgrounds (something I’m still yet to conquer!) Working for the magazine also looks amazing on my CV, and gives me plenty of work to add to my portfolio.

Annabella Costantino, Virtual Assistant at Storymix: Having had experience in various teams at The Publishing Post over the last couple years, being involved in the Editorial, Upskilling and Children’s teams have all been rewarding experiences. I’ve had the chance to meet so many talented people in publishing and spotlight debut authors and independent businesses. Working on a wide selection of features has enabled me to develop my industry awareness after finishing my MA Publishing Media studies, whilst empowering me to take the next steps in my career.

Mary Karayel, Editorial Assistant at Severn House: Working with the Trends team of The Publishing Post has been instrumental to me obtaining an entry level job in publishing. It allowed me to write about trends I was passionate about, which demonstrated industry awareness and proved my interest in genre fiction, which I am fortunate enough to now be working in.

Charlotte Brook, Editorial and Social Media Assistant, BusinessBecause

I am in no doubt that I wouldn’t have landed this role had it not been for the experience The Publishing Post has given me! Working at a business publisher is giving me such great experience and is a foot in the door for moving into book publishing.

I started at The Post writing for the news feature so being able to research my own ideas, write up press releases, come up with interview questions and work with a team was a great thing to be able to talk about in my interview! Also being Twitter Manager for the post showed my interest in social media which gives me skills across various areas of publishing. Working for The Post also showed how passionate I am about getting into the industry, which employers love!

Leah Bird, Export Sales Assistant at Simon and Schuster: Through my role at The Publishing Post collating the job opportunities for our readers, I have gained a keen awareness of the range of publishing-related jobs available. Although I am completing a Publishing MA which helped me realise that editorial wasn’t the only role available, researching for positions every two weeks enlightened me to just how many different positions there are. I found my current role through researching for one of the previous issues and I believe that having The Publishing Post on my CV boosted my application as it demonstrated my interest in publishing!

Hannah Collins, Editorial Assistant at Bloomsbury Professional: My role in the News team at The Publishing Post has significantly contributed to my knowledge of the industry in terms of what is currently occurring and in relation to the processes of producing a publishing based magazine. Alongside my Publishing MA, this position has equipped me with the skills and experience required to research and write copy on particular topics which has directly impacted my ability to perform well at interviews and secure a job at Bloomsbury. Having The Publishing Post on my CV was also the perfect way to showcase my passion and interest for the industry which aided in setting my application apart from others!

Alex Oxford, Journals Publishing Assistant at Edinburgh University Press: I initially joined The Publishing Post as a typesetter to keep up with my InDesign skills after leaving university (and student journalism), but it has added so much more than that to my CV and cover letters. It gave me skills to talk about, such as working and communicating remotely within a team, and I inherently understood more about industry news and trends from reading the spreads I was working on. Regular spreads such as ‘Indie insights’ provided perspectives on smaller publishing houses that I was less likely to find online. Especially given that I’m now working at an academic, independent press, having that more ‘Indie’ knowledge really served me well in my interview.

I went into job hunting with no publishing experience and no masters degree, The Publishing Post helped me to fill some of those gaps and stand out to hiring panels regardless, it was invaluable in helping me to succeed in publishing and I still continue to work with them because it’s such an enjoyable experience. I’ve now occasionally written for the magazine and hope to just keep learning from this amazing team of people!

For more information on how to join the team, visit our page, here.


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