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Coveted Covers

We have all heard the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’, but with countless exquisitely designed books lining the shelves, it is hard not to be drawn in by first appearances. Boasting highly coveted covers, these new and upcoming releases are just as magnificent on the inside as they are on the outside…

Blue Ticket by Sophie Mackintosh August 27, Hamish Hamilton

“It began with the allocating of luck, our bodies pinballs inside a machine.” So begins Sophie Mackintosh’s Blue Ticket — a suspenseful feminist fable which, like her debut The Water Cure, examines the fraught relationship between a woman and her body and the patriarchal forms of authority that seek to control it. Set in a society where a woman’s right to have children is dictated by a lottery, 14-year-old Calla receives a blue ticket, liberating her from the burden of motherhood. But 18 years later, she begins to wonder whether she is really free at all. Written in Mackintosh’s signature surreal prose, which is as chilling as it is dream-like, Blue Ticket is a new kind of dystopia whose ruminations on female identity, sexuality and bodily autonomy will linger long after the final page. (Bayley)

Against the Loveless World by Susan Abulhawa July 23, Bloomsbury

Against the Loveless World captures the heart wrenching story of Nahr, who has lived in other lives by Almas and Yaqoot. Her tale speaks of destruction, resistance and freedom for a displaced Palestinian family. Reflecting on the epic journey that brought her to The Cube — a solitary confinement cell in Israel where her only knowledge of time is brought by the infrequent visitors who try to extract her story — Nahr weaves her elaborate narrative, moving back and forth in time, reliving the events leading to her imprisonment. Through this complex reflection on morality, we see how the conflict in the Middle East has shaped her and lead to her prostitution, poverty and eventual radicalisation. Nahr’s narrative encompasses real and profound grief, yet ultimately leaves readers hopeful. (Zoe)

Love in Colour by Bolu Babalola August 20, Headline PG

In this mesmerising book, Bolu Babalola takes epic love stories from history and mythology and rewrites them with new depth and energy that shines with beauty. From magical West African folktales to the reimagining of Greek myths, across continents and bygone countries, Babalola demonstrates the vibrancy and variety of forms that love takes around the world. This anthology of love stories, including three original tales by Babalola, celebrates the true technicolour of love and humanity. Strikingly poetic and lyrically written, each tale focuses on a strong heroine, and takes the reader on a journey that allows us to see the power of being loved fully and unashamedly. Love in Colour is a book you will find yourself falling in love with this summer. (Genevieve)

Ghost Wood Song by Erica Waters August 20, HarperTeen

Ghost Wood Song is the brilliant and haunting debut novel from Erica Waters which explores the complications and consequences of messing with forces beyond our control. The novel follows Shady Grove, a Southern girl who, like her father, has the ability to summon ghosts from the grave with the tune of her fiddle. Shady learns first-hand that the fiddle’s power brings nothing, but trouble and darkness and she wants nothing to do with it. However, when her brother is accused of murder, she realises that some truths cannot stay buried. To clear his name, she will have to put her fears aside and make a few ghosts sing, no matter the cost. (Laura)

Beach Read by Emily Henry August 20, Penguin

Get ready to fall in love with Emily Henry’s dazzling new romantic comedy, Beach Read. This sizzling summer read not only has a fantastically quirky and colourful cover, but also an unforgettable and magical story, where wit, humour and romance are expertly combined. Following the story of January and Gus, penniless writers struggling to put pen to paper despite their looming deadlines, they decide to swap genres to see which work gets published first. What follows is a love story brimming with heartfelt moments and plenty of surprises which will without a doubt have you falling head over heels in love. (Hollie)

A Girl Made of Air by Nydia Hetherington September 3, Quercus

A Girl Made of Air is an enchanting, lyrical and atmospheric tale that brings the circus to life. Combining myth and folklore, this novel follows a funambulist — the greatest tightrope walker to have ever existed — named Mouse, who is plagued by thoughts of a lost child. Mouse is desperate to uncover buried secrets and find the missing child. She recounts her past and her time in the circus using journal entries, news articles and interviews, piecing together events connected to the mystery in search of answers. Circus legend, dark magic, and storytelling are weaved together to craft a beautiful tale of love and loss in this historical fantasy. Hetherington’s spellbinding debut is perfect for fans of Erin Morgenstern. (Meg)



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